The Eyes Have It

As part of my own healing therapy, I’ve learned that praying over others will build my own faith; so I push myself to pray over others as often as I can, even though I sit in a wheelchair still. I’ve written before that my mother has been miraculously recovering from paralysis through our ministry to her. You can read my mom’s story on this blog site called “30 Years Longer Than Necessary” and “Forget Not His Benefits.” It’s weird to pray over others while having an obvious mobility issue yourself, but it is a key to receiving your own healing.

August 2015, my eldest brother of 58 years old, who travels a lot for work, was getting bad reports from doctors about his eyesight. The word was that it was becoming worse and macular holes were beginning to develop. Surgery was recommended to prevent further damage but not hopeful for improvement. My mother was panicking, so while we were gathered for our birthday celebrations in August my mother whispered to me to pray over Tom for his eyes. Although I sit in a wheelchair, my family knows that I believe healing is available to everyone. I pray over others as a faith therapy for myself as well as ministry to them. So I wheel over to my brother asking “do you mind if I pray over your eyes?” I explained that we’ve been learning that we should pray over others to increase the flow of faith in our own body. Tom agreed to let me pray. With our family gathered, I spoke to his eyes, commanding everything the has been damaged to be restored, in Jesus’ Name. I shared the fact that people are seeing their eyes improve in Healing School at my church all the time. I pointed out that my eyes (at age 50) are the only ones in the family without glasses because I’m resisting the blurriness that tries to attack. I shared that friends of mine are getting doctor reports of improvement in their prescriptions. These testimonies are meant to build his faith in receiving.

A week later, on vacation, I received a text telling myself and others that the doctor report was bad again. Things were getting worse and surgery was now scheduled. I knew the right thing to do. I texted my brother back saying  “No weapon formed against us prospers and every tongue rising up against us in judgement, we condemn! This is our heritage as servants of the Lord!” I also heard in my head and texted “stand and see the salvation of the Lord!” then my husband and I declared this healing to be a pivotal faith turning point in my family. We are taking territory here! We declared that my family, coming from a sovereignty doctrine that God may or may not heal, is going to reconsider that God wants us all well.

Sept 18th, I received a text from my brother to the family;

“Praise God all surgeries have been canceled! The macular hole in my right eye seems to be closing up…vision has improved back to levels prior to deterioration in July. Thanks for the prayers.”

I teared up at this news; my mom said she was crying. Healing upon planehealing, glory to glory, miracle to miracle, let faith arise. Healing is in the air! The runway is clear; Jesus is in the control tower saying “clear for take off!” We are in the cockpit revving our motor, ready but hesitant. Faith is like an airplane and we are learning to defy natural laws with supernatural ones. (Rom 8:2)  Flowing in faith for others in ministry should be a normal part of life for those seeking healing for themselves. Fasten your seat belts! We are taking off!

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