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30 Years Longer Than Necessary

My story is different than most people who are handicapped and Christian. Nick Vujicic  and  Joni Eareckson Tada are famous for their challenged lives while preaching the “gospel.” Like most people of the Christian faith, they preach that “God’s sovereignty dictates that some people don’t get healed.” This kind of thinking will keep you paralyzed, sick and maimed much longer than necessary. This “gospel” has affected my ability to be healed  for 30 years longer than necessary. When I was injured in 1985 in a car accident, three days after my first wedding in the hills of Virginia, our beliefs were that God will “sometimes”  heal. We were not into faith-healing, confessing God’s Word, declaring His promises or taking authority over sickness. We believed in prayer but it was always believed that God may decide not to heal. We thought every situation was unique and we had to find out whether it was God’s will to heal each person. We believed in passively “waiting for God’s timing.” There was no faith in our prayers, no confidence that we would receive, because of our hyper-sovereignty doctrine. We thought Job was an example of God allowing tragedy in our lives for some higher purpose. We believed Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” was an example of God saying “no” even though the Bible says His promises are all yes and amen. (2 Corinthians 1:20) We never knew what God’s will was except that He wanted everyone saved. (2 Peter 3:9) The results of believing these things produced the following fruit: My mom had severe allergies and a voice defect that doctor’s called psychologically induced, I had a spinal cord injury, My sister-in-law had Huntington’s disease, one of my sisters became bi-polar/schizophrenia, my dad died of skin cancer in 2005. Not many healings happened, not many victories. I remained in a wheelchair for 20 years before I reconsidered my doctrine on healing. 

When my dad passed away in 2005, I finally asked God to show me if what I believed about healing needed adjustment. Soon afterward I found a book by Derek Prince called The Atonement which proved to my heart that healing is a part of salvation. I immediately found that faith rose up in my spirit. If I believe that God always wants to heal, I can be in faith more often. And I did. I began resisting everything that was not health. Allergies were the first to go. Seasonal allergies (hay fever) used to be a part of my life. I rebuked itchy eyes and throat, sneezing, colds, flu, fevers, headaches, runny nose and sinus congestion. I saw results and became more convinced. I tried rebuking the spinal cord injury but did not see change so I kept resisting everything else that came along. I rebuked bladder infections and still have not needed antibiotics for 10 years. No more annual bronchitis, no atrophy in legs, (my legs still have muscle!) back pain, neck pain and tooth infection gone! I actually removed a mole by faith in two weeks! (See my blog “Mountains And Molehills) In short, I’m seeing results in healing in myself and others so I’m on the right track. I confess, I pray, I declare and rebuke as needed. I know that I’m supposed to be walking and whole. We get what we believe. If I knew 30 years ago, when I had the accident, what I know now, I would have been out of this wheelchair immediately. It’s easier to resist immediately than to change what you believe 20 years later. However, confessing faith verses often will build your ability to believe.

When my mom became strangely enough, paralyzed like me, by a tumor 3 years ago, I had faith for her. I resisted like I should have resisted for myself from the beginning. We spoke to that tumor and told it to shrink and dissolve. We expected things to reverse. Even though she still believed my old doctrine of “God’s sovereign will” she wanted to walk and agreed with our prayers. We saw amazing results. Her mobility returned over the months. She can now stand and even though fear keeps her from the full progress we would like, she has confounded medical science. The therapist and doctors expected things to get worse and can’t explain the improvement and officially call it a miracle.
Don’t be unprepared for victory. Look into healing ministries like Andrew Wommack Ministry and see for yourself what they are teaching. Don’t feed yourself unbelief from churches and ministries that have no healings, no results, no faith. Only the truth you know will set you free.

For information on how to apply your faith, read examples in my blog testimonies like Mountains And Molehills and my Youtube videos like I’m Still Here  ; Aggressive Faith! ;  I was Always Sick ; Mark’s Healings    

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  1. Thank you for your personal sharing, I do something similar. I’ve followed Ken Copeland Ministries, CBN shares on healing also. Andrew is good, yes. You’ve helped confirm to me tonight, thanks for being faithful! God’s helped me tremendously after my youngest son was murdered year ago October. Blessings and I’ll be reading more from you. Diane De Han.

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