Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

My question to those who conduct spiritual activities without God is, just whom do you think you are talking to? They may feel they are communicating with grandma or dear aunt Suzie but I believe that if you aren’t talking to God, aka the Holy Spirit, or Jesus the True mediator between God the Father and mankind, you are accessing the dark side. Demons, evil entities, Satan’s kingdom are whom you are contacting; you are doing it both willingly and ignorantly; and it’s dangerous because they hate you. All those practices are copycats of God’s original spiritual ways to communicate with Him. Spiritual activities that attempt to communicate with spirits or the dearly departed are only inviting demonic activity into your life. If you only knew with whom you were actually trying to speak, you would run to God. The interest people have in “the other side” is normal; the only problem is, you are only going to reach one of two parties: God or Satan; you choose. Horoscopes, psychics, palm reading, magic, witchcraft, sorcery of any kind, spells, potions, voo doo, seances or ANY kind of games involving oija boards, levitation or “reading” tea leaves, palms or anything are playing with demons. Children are taught these things as early as Satan can get his hands on their minds. Books on these things and witchcraft are in libraries! We need Bibles and Christian books on spiritual gifts in the libraries as much as possible. The dark side offers only lies, fear, sickness, insomnia, and death. God loves us and offers us truth, love, trust, peace, joy, wellness, comfort, victory, strength and power /authority over all evil. Power is what everyone is seeking. God gives Christians power to raise the dead, heal the sick and cast out demons. Christians have power, we just need to learn to use it.  Faith is power. When we use it positively, we are vessels for God. When we use it without God, we are letting evil flow through us. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. (Prov 18:21) Faith is powered through our tongue so that’s why witchcraft is done through spells. Manipulation through words is either prayer or witchcraft.

As a spirit-filled Christian, I study and operate in the gifts of the Holyholy spirit Spirit. Tongues, Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, prophecy, miracles, visions, deliverance and more. I am still maturing in these gifts but I practice them as a part of my daily life. One thing I know is that we are all created for the supernatural or spiritual realm, however this realm is only safe with God as your “spirit guide.” With God we are guided safely because He loves us. He communicates with us through these gifts. Occult practices however, are in touch with someone else. I have power over demons through Christ who is in me. You can too! In fact if you don’t have Jesus, you are already involved and affected by demons in one way or another. There’s no neutral ground. Any attempt to peer into the future or communicate with the spiritual realm, without God, is demonic. God doesn’t use Oija boards, witchcraft or seances, and nobody who has passed on can communicate with us here according to the Bible.

God wants to talk to and have relationship with each of us. If you seek Him and talk to Him directly, He will respond, guaranteed. God loves you; Jesus is the mediator by whom we have access to the Father; the Holy Spirit can be your Spirit guide. Books on the Holy Spirit are available. Look for books by Derek Prince and recently Art Thomas, Kevin Dedmon and Andrew Wommack. The Holy Spirit is more exciting than anything on earth and you can trust Him to guide you into good things.  Get on board! Be a defector from the dark side into the Light! It’s much better here.

Faith vs. occult video teaching by Lynne