Do Not Judge By What Your Eyes See

Have you seen this dress? It’s the most popular dress in the world today. Offices, radio programs, Twitter and Facebook are asking “What colors are in this dress?” It’s a bizarre phenomenon that some people see it as white and gold while a percentage of people see the same picture standing in the same room as black and blue.
As entertaining and freaky as this may be, I find it also spiritual. Everything is spiritual. Even this dress. Some people are very disturbed that they cannot rely on their own eyes to say what is so! Facts are often thought to be truth based on what we can see, feel, hear, taste and touch. The natural minded man relies on his senses as a truth finder. When we cannot rely on our eyes we can feel fearful. God tells us not to trust our carnal senses for truth. He says the five senses are no basis for truth. “Do not judge by what your eyes see and your ears hear” Jesus said. Therefore you can also say ‘do not believe with your eyes and ears.’  The same is true with us spiritually. We must renew our minds to rely on our spiritual senses for truth. Eyes can be deceived. If I believe I have received what i ask for before I see it, then I shall have it. That’s a law of faith. We must learn to believe without our senses in order to receive salvation, healing and many other answers to prayer. We must believe the dead are “only sleeping” like Jesus, if we want to raise the dead. We must believe the crippled are walking and whole before they move a muscle. We must not be moved by what we see or don’t see. We must know the truth and then see it happen.

So is the dress white and gold? Or blue and black?  My daughter and I stood side by side while we both saw opposite colors looking at the same photo. It was very unsettling to her. She thought I was pulling her leg. I saw comments online with people swearing and freaking out in fear because of the odd phenomenon. Eyes are one of our most trusted assets. Black, white, blue or gold really doesn’t  mean much to faith. Spiritual sight is so much more valuable, it doesn’t freak me out if we don’t see the same colors. I’m excited when we both hear a word from the Lord and confirm each other’s spiritual hearing or seeing. My husband and I were hearing the same song in our heads a day apart. I heard it all morning and had never really known the words. I had to look it up. I shared it with Mark and he said he was hearing that all day the previous day. Same song! It was not our favorite song; we barely knew it at all. The lyrics, we found, were touching. Any time God is trying to talk to you, it’s exciting to finally understand what He’s saying. His voice is faint at first. We must learn to realize when he is talking to us. “Incline your ears unto my saying” says the Lord. That’s not your actual ears, it’s your heart. The inner ear that hears a song in your head; that one can hear God. Tune in your spiritual eyes and ears. Seeing with the imagination of your heart is real. Your natural eyes can be deceived. The dress is actually blue and black.

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