What Are You Saying?

In Matthew 15:1o-20 Jesus explained to the disciples saying in verse 10 “Listen, grasp and comprehend this…” and in verse 17 “Are you also dull and ignorant?” Meaning “this is the simplest thing to understand, heloooo!” “Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?”  Then Jesus explains that it’s not what you eat that makes us unhealthy, it’s what we say out of our mouth that affects us. We’ve been thinking that what we eat makes us healthy or sick but it’s not really so! We have become obsessed with hand washing and sanitizing. We are germaphobic to the max but Jesus explains, that’s not what affects us physically!  Our words spoken from our heart affect us!  Cursing, slander, fear and predictions of negative outcomes, strife, hatred, envy and rage all affect our health and even our lives. Listen to what you are saying. Even if you feel a symptom, you can change it by what you say. It only sounds crazy because you believe a lie. You’ve been believing many incorrect things which cause you to be subject to the elements of this world. In Gal 4:9 Paul asks how is it that you are back under the idea  that the elements of the physical world affect you? That’s bondage!  We were set free from the bondage of corruption including the germs and physical elements. We are exempt. We are sons of God. The elements listen to us! We could drink deadly poison and it will not harm us! John G Lake was not vaccinated against the Bubonic Plague when he was ministering healing to the people who had it, he believed the disease would die as it touched him and it did. He also said so aloud. Paul was bit by a snake in Acts 28:3-5; he shook it off with no harmful effects. Jesus walked on water and Peter did too. Jesus multiplied food but it happened through the hands of the disciples as they obeyed. We die needlessly when we bow down to the natural elements, speaking reckless words in ignorance. “My people perish for lack of understanding” says the Lord. (Hosea 4:6) Snared by the words we speak. (Prob 6:2) Blessing and cursing come out of your mouth (Jam 3:10)  life and death by the power of words. Choose life!  (Prob 18:21) Your tongue is like the rudder of a ship steering your life by your own prophecies. (Jam 3:4)  Choose your words wisely. Speak wellness over yourself and others. Bless and do not predict bad things. Do not repeat bad reports but speak the opposite. “It could improve.”Say the best case scenario, not worst case. 

My husband and I agree out loud every day what we want to see happen. It seems to take one who is not involved to help the one involved with a situation, say the good outcome out loud. Our natural mind gravitates to the negative but our spiritual mind is willing to say the blessing. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. (Matt 26:41) Set your heart on a course for abundant blessings and insist that your tongue follows. You will see life headed in a better direction.