dougray scott

We Are The Royalty Of God

I try to understand righteousness because it is the hinge that my faith is hanging upon. We are the righteousness of God in Christ  because God imputes it to us by our faith, without works  (Rom 4:6) Since it is so important I relate it to myself by the comparison of royalty. Royalty is not earned. It is inherited. Royalty is a status as is righteousness. You can put on clothes of royalty but even if you don’t, your status remains. You can act like royalty or you can have an off day, your status has not changed. A prince is still a prince even if he doesn’t act like one.  Righteousness is our status in Christ. That is perfect, whole, healed, valued, loved, favored, blessed  -righteous.

“If Righteousness come by the Law then Christ died in vain” (Gal 2:21)

“and their righteousness is of Me sayeth the Lord” Isaiah 54:17

Heirs of God, sons of God, children of God by faith (Gal 3:26),

 His temple and His people (2 Cor 6:16); 

we are His sheep; His workmanship; saints, redeemed