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From Victim To Victor

There are two kinds of victim mentalities that plague the person who needs healing and isn’t receiving. One is a person who finds comfort in pity. If you enjoy pity you will continue to be a victim. If sad charlieyou wallow in pity, that spirit will stay with you until you renounce and evict it. Pity attracts harm unto you. It says to others “pick me! I like being violated!” and those who would violate you will know you are an easy target. When you decide to reject pity, violations by others will find someone else to bother. Sickness is attracted to pity parties too. Sicknesses will stay where they are welcome and invite more.
sigh It amazes me that so many disabled people do actually enjoy pity. I have seen it a lot from where I sit. Pity has never been my thing but the second kind of victim, I do identify with.  Another victim mentality believes by experience that he or she is a victim because bad things happens so much. It’s a cycle of victimization. Bad things happen to those who are familiar with them. There’s an expectation of gloom, and evil foreboding feeling that haunts those who have experienced feelings of rejection, unimportance,  violations from others, bullying bullies and health problems a lot in your life, you probably identify with victimization. I call it the Charlie Brown Syndrome. When bad things happen over and over, you get used to and expect to be a victim. And so it does happen again. People who have been victimized a lot tend to think of themselves as defaulted to “failure” or bad things are just normal. There’s a spiritual force at work which ifootballs attracted to those expecting the worst. Your words and expectations actually call in the tragedies. “Something always ruins my day. ”  Or “a month doesn’t go by without something bad happening.” And, “sure enough, my luck is always bad.” As Charlie says “nothing ever goes right for me.” And so it goes. Frustration plagues the life of the victim until he understands how the laws of faith work. God says in Mark 11:23 “whatsoever ye say, and shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. “

This can change and should change.  Changing your identity from the inside is a miraculous thing but that’s what we have available to us who choose Christ. If you feel victimized often, you need to change name tags. Change your I.D. card spiritually, mentally and emotionally. It’s not psychological; it’s spiritual.

God’s Word says in Christ we are victorious. Speak the Word, think the Word, breathe it.  Say “I am more than a conqueror  in Christ Jesus” andvictor2 look for those verses that speak victory. All day every day you must change from the inside. When you are knocked down, say “NO! This doesn’t belong to me. I’m a conqueror.”  Rocky Balboa didn’t just lay down after every punch, he stood back up until the victory was won.
Today is the first day of victory for you. You are a champion. Fight back spiritually with words. God is fighting for us, He is on our side, we shall overcome! The enemy is defeated! Shout it out!

That’s how you win.

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