The Faith Ride

Faith is like a roller coaster. It’s the most exciting thing on the planet and yet the scariest thing ever. When I have to make a choice to be in faith in a very serious way, refusing normal solutions that won’t work anyway, I know in my spirit it’s going to work; I’ve done this before, and yet my flesh is screaming “I want off this ride! I’m going to throw up! Why do I get on this ride!!” I hate it and yet when it’s over I feel the rush; “Yes! Let’s do it again! That was awesome!” 

All of my miraculous victories go through this feeling. (I’ve blogged most of them.) I’m hit with a problem. I am rounding the bend on the ride, going up the hill. I get nervous and dread hits me as I make decisions in faith that cause doctors and loved ones to wince and grimace. It’s a look back to the boat which is on fire and a look forward to water with no boat. Should I stay or should I go now? A leap of faith is never easy. But the miracle is there for the taking. Like parachuting, although nervous and excited, we enjoy the rush but hate the way up. Faith is like that. Every healing journey is like a sudden death challenge. Help! I’m having another miracle! 

Hopefully I’ll get used to it and convince my flesh that it’s normal to live by faith. 

One thought on “The Faith Ride”

  1. For sure! Glory to God!

    Walking on water, taking down a giant, going into a lions den, raising the dead…that’s not natural! It’s SUPER-natural!

    As we learn what true KINGdom living is like! Oh what a ride!

    Thanks for the thoughts!

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