The Emotions Of Faith

I have heard of the emotionless-ness of faith; there is a book that says “Faith Has No Emotions” and I know that faith can flow when we don’t feel a thing, however, I believe God has shown me that faith has emotions. The first time I realized this was years ago when I had to move in faith to get healing flowing in my body after a life or death appendectomy. I had a horrible experience with appendicitis that started with emergency surgery but afterward, it wasn’t over; I wasn’t recovering well. I was suffering from panic at night and couldn’t breathe easy enough to sleep so I stayed awake for, I believe, at least 2 weeks. I don’t know if that was a miracle by itself but I felt that falling asleep would be more threatening to my life so I decided to just pray through every night until I could breathe easier and stay awake. After about two weeks I heard in the morning, “go home.” I wasn’t released by doctors yet and I wasn’t improved enough to go home. Still I felt a decision rise up in me that didn’t follow logic. I told the doctor I felt going home would help me improve more than staying. He surprisingly complied with my decision but I was going to go home even if he didn’t. I was in faith. As I left the hospital, I heard a song in my head encouraging me in my victory,  “oh death where is thy sting?” I went home and my peace returned. I started to be able to breathe. I filled my environment with healing verses, healing teaching and testimonies and recovered from panic and infection. When leaving the hospital, I acted in pure faith and it had feeling! I remember thinking “faith feels like anger.” Strong faith can feel very much like anger. So whenever you are angry, make sure you do not shout words of cursing toward anyone, thereby using your faith negatively as witchcraft. {James 3:10 “Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.”] Rather, bless someone while you feel angry!
I also know that I’m in faith when I feel either excitement or peace or joy. Jesus felt compassion many times as he flowed in faith. Feelings can be an indicator that tells us we are in faith and now is the time to act on it. Feelings of fear tell us what kingdom we are focusing on; when we are focusing on fear, guilt, shame, confusion, strife, pride, envy, depression or death, we are thinking on something we oughtn’t and it’s time to switch gears. Don’t make decisions during fear or confusion but start a purposeful thankfulness flowing to get back into good faith. Your mind and body work best on the premium fuel of praise and thanksgiving.
Emotions Are Spiritual
Emotions are so powerful they can drive us into victory or away from it. There are plenty of sermons telling us not to be emotionally led but rather to be spirit-led. However, the Holy Spirit is emotional. God has emotions and we cannot avoid them because He made us like Him. Emotions are part of humanity and they are like engines, a driving force. Like money and like food which can be used for good or evil we should not avoid these altogether but learn how to use them in the most powerful way possible for God’s kingdom! Emoticons are popular on cell phones because they enhance our communication, adding smiles and frowns to boost the messages we express. We are not meant to be emotionless, nor are we to be void of anger. We are commanded to “be angry and sin not! don’t let the sun go down upon your wrath” {Eph 4:26} If you take the understanding that God wants us to be angry for good reasons, you can look at the next half of that verse as “and don’t ever stop being angry about evil things!” Andrew Wommack has a great teaching on this called “Godly Anger ” about the good side of anger. We need anger to fight the good fight of faith and to be healed. We need to never be passive, always be on guard and ready. God wants us to be violent in our faith and take the promised land by force. {Matt 11:12}

We are one with the Holy Spirit and we share His emotions so we must be aware when we are feeling God’s feelings. God’s desire is in you and you can feel it and learn to recognize it. If you have sin in you it is a demonic personality with emotions and you feel emotions from that entity too. We share emotions with demons if we submit to them until we disagree with them and defy them violently. [Learn  more about that in my book, “First Wash The Inside.”]  Recognize what feelings you have and discern between good and evil ones like a gauge. You can submit to Godly feelings and resist evil feelings. Understanding emotions is key to hearing from God and being spirit-led. Emotions are not a handicap; emotions are the driving force of faith. I have been avoiding emotions for many years because I experienced many hurtful things. I shut my emotions off and became numb inside. This is not the way God wants us to be. I am learning the value of emotions now and that’s how I will become the woman God wants me to be. Not out of control with emotions and not numb, but strong and powerfully effective in faith, influence of others and attractive with God’s emotions. I used to feel that emotions were immature, childish. I am now beginning to understand their role in my life.
Songs are spiritual and emotional
The emotions that are stirred in us by songs are powerful. We can use music for praise, prayer and spiritual warfare. Focus on how you feel certain songs and use them to declare or fight in faith. I hear songs that God wants me to sing sometimes and they aren’t all Christian ones. For instance, when I need to stir up an attitude to fight against something like sickness, and I’m feeling numb or passive, I can sing a song to stir me up emotionally the way I should feel. Twisted Sister has a song that says “We’re not gonna take it, no! We’re not gonna take it! We’re not gonna take it anymore!” these are fighting words and emotions. A song that you know can be used for a spiritual purpose.
Food relationship is spiritual and emotional
Our relationship with food is emotional and this causes weight issues. Some people over eat or under eat due to emotions. Why we eat and how much we eat is based on emotions more than what our body needs. Depression causes people to gorge on food in order to feel the pleasure they are looking for. Feelings drive us to unhealthy things more than anything. If we find other sources of pleasure such as hobbies, ministry, work or cleaning we tend to eat less and busy ourselves with the things we are focused on. Food must be less important than other things we enjoy so that we have fulfillment in something other than our next meal. Boredom is the worst problem for our diet than anything so get busy doing God’s work to avoid using food as your friend. If you are eating too much you’re not busy enough. We need to break up with food and draw near to God; do something fun, exciting, helpful to others. Learn a new thing and start doing it to stay fit the rest of your life. Replace food as your default for activity and get emotional about something God is leading you to do!

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