Temptation To Get Sick

 Temptation is a knock on your door that waits for you to answer. We can be tempted to be offended, tempted to judge, tempted to overeat, gossip and swear; but anything that’s not God’s will is subject to be resisted in Jesus’ Name. Those who believe in being well as the perfect will of God are candidates to believe that we should not even submit to sickness or infirmity. Jesus actually ultimately sacrificed Himself by submitting to and “obeying death, even death on a cross” so that we don’t have to. We do not and should not submit to Satan or death of any kind, so sickness is to be resisted. Sickness symptoms are a temptation! How helpful is that to know! The profoundness of this epiphany creates a witness in my spirit to its truth. Every symptom of illness, the first pain, sneeze, cough or chill is a temptation to agree with Satan knocking at your door. Resist! Speak the word of God as a sword!

Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against me will prosper! Every tongue rising against me in judgement I will condemn. This is my heritage as a servant of the Lord. And my righteousness is from Him says the Lord!

Think of symptoms as a weapon formed against you. Your weapon is God’s word. Andrew Wallmark recently said last week in his teaching called The Word Made Flesh  “use your body as a weapon” against the enemy and act in accordance with that word, opposing the attack of sickness. Speak the Word ahead of time, all day long if you want to live in divine health and prevent sickness from attacking. 

Gloria Copeland has a YouTube teaching called How To Meditate On God’s Word For Healing. Very helpful! 

I have successfully resisted many sicknesses as soon as symptoms start. A sneeze, a fever, itchy eyes, the chills, chest pain, skin spots etc, I resist and fight anything that starts. It might take minutes, an hour, half a day or more but it does leave. The more you do it, the faster it works. Constant confession of God’s word and praising God is like a force field. I have found it much easier to refuse a devil at the door than to evict a resident evil. Both are possible but the easiest to resist is as soon as it starts. Recognize, resist and repeat. Better than that is constant praise and speaking God’s word all day so these symptoms don’t even knock on your door. When they hear the word of God and hallelujahs, they will just not even bother to knock.