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Nobody is Perfect?

If there’s one thing that Christians, Muslims, Jews, Catholics and atheists all seem to agree upon, it’s that “nobody is perfect.”    “Perfect” is a word that people avoid saying, deny being and claim as impossible. “Nobody’s perfect” is a popular saying both in the world and the church. If you read the Bible  and claim to believe it, however, then let me attempt to inform you that this is incorrect. In Christ, we are perfect, complete, lacking nothing. The mind-boggling truth is, God says we ARE perfect when we receive Christ. We are righteous  because we have His righteousness. When we are born-again we are immediately spiritually transformed, taking on His identity, His royalty, His qualities; we have His ability, His perfection! (Hebrews 12:23)

I design Tee shirts with Bible verses. It’s my calling. I have so many ideas for Bible verse tees to draw attention to the Bible, it’s unlimited. Each shirt has a profound thought, a cleverness, a provoking to ponder God’s Word. Being against religious thinking and legalism, my shirts have a way of tweaking the traditional Christian ideas. God’s Word will prevail upon the earth, one verse at a time. For people who are afraid the Bible will be outlawed, let’s make it harder and harder to rid the world of it. Each verse has meaning, let’s “put them on and wear them out!” These shirts are supernaIMG_1096.JPGtural with healing quality and therapeutic. For with this shirt, “Perfect In Christ” we are breaking boxes in churches, religions, worldly communities and challenging atheism. What do you mean you’re perfect??! We must remind ourselves that God calls us perfect, saved, healed, delivered, righteous! The old man is dead; old things have passed away, all things are new.

This shirt is so spiritual it’s therapeutic. We counsel people who have been plagued by feelings of condemnation and one of our “prescriptions” is to wear this shirt. The thought of wearing this shirt made her cringe and seem repulsed. I immediately knew that this will absolutely be the right thing to do. I suggested she wear it for a night shirt to start and see what happens. This “Perfect” shirt causes reactions like a demon looking at a cross. Ahhh! They can’t stand to see that we are perfect, complete, lacking nothing and they certainly don’t want you to know it. Deliverance is sure to happen. I’ll blog the stories as I get them. Please leave your stories here by commenting.


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