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I designed a Tee shirt for children based on a major argument on the creation side of debate for the origin of the universe. It’s a cute play on the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics which, (here’s the reason it’s a child’s shirt ) insists that things move toward disorder whenever left unattended. The part of the law about disorder is called Entropy, explained below. This shirt is for infants through maybe 10 years old.

From the  Institute for Creation Science: The Evolutionary or Big Bang Theory, taught in non-Christian schools, requires a universal principle which increases order, causing random particles eventually to organize themselves into complex chemicals, non-living systems to become living cells, and populations of worms to evolve into human societies. However the only naturalistic scientific principle which is known to effect real changes in order is the Second Law, which describes a situation of universally deteriorating order.

“This law states that all natural processes generate entropy, a measure of disorder”1“Entropy, in short, is the measurement of molecular disorder. The law of the irreversible increase in entropy is a law of progressive disorganization, of the complete disappearance of the initial conditions.”2

“It can hardly be questioned that evolution is at least superficially contradicted by entropy. The obvious prediction from the evolution model of a universal principle that increases order is confronted by the scientific fact of a universal principle that decreases order. Nevertheless evolutionists retain faith that, somehow, evolution and entropy can co-exist, even though they don’t know how.”

This children’s tee shirt is a real conversation starter and a great gift! Order yours today! www.hisabilitees.com