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Whose Report Will You Believe?

Numbers 13:30  is the story of how Israel refused to believe God had given them victory to take the Promised Land because of their unbelief. Look at Joshua and Caleb bring the joshua_calebgrapes from the Promised Land. They are truly focused on the right thing. By faith they believed they were well able to do what God said they could do. They talked about the size of the grapes, not the giants. If you want your promised land, you have to learn how to believe God more than your natural mind, more than doctor reports, more than symptoms. God says “Who are you going to believe? Seriously!” and yet we struggle to believe His word which says in 1 Peter 2:24 we were healed. Really look at whose word you are choosing over God.

My husband and I recently witnessed 2 miracles in one week. We were ministering to two friends in separate hospitals. The only similarity between them was the fact that we had to choose whom we were going to believe, the doctor’s reports or the Word of God. One was very close to death, on a respirator, unconscious and yellow skin like somebody put makeup on him. The doctors were giving his wife no hope. She asked us for prayer and allowed us to coach her as well as inviting us to lay hands on him. This man was not a Christian, stubbornly refusing to believe in God but his wife was born-again. After a couple days of fiercely declaring God’s word over him ourselves and his wife’s dedication to speaking only life and not accepting death, rebuking Satan and speaking pages of Bible verses of health and healing over him, as well as others agreeing with us in prayer, he began a journey back to life; back to consciousness, back to breathing, sitting up, eating, walking with a therapist, talking and chatting with his faithful wife. It was a miracle every day  he lived. Out of ICU but still struggling, he then experienced “congestive heart failure” and at death’s door again, this time consciously, he became born again with his wife’s coaching. Celebrating his life-changing decision, we did not give in on the fight for his recovery. Again, doctors were hopeless, but we were declaring God’s report over the doctor’s expectations! Declarations of faith again, rebuking Satan and speaking life over him, 6 hours later he was up in a chair chatting again. Still progressing he is ready for discharge soon and we are all standing in awe.

An other friend of ours was in another hospital. Her situation has been an ongoing miracle baffling oncologists who say that test results show that her body is flooded with cancer, yet she continues to look healthy and live for the last two years. She’s been full of energy and doing everything as normal for two years fighting the fear of cancer off planted in her by the doctors and their description of her test results. She decided against chemo for a second round two years ago, against doctors orders, had her port removed for any further chemo, and stopped going to doctor appointments for check ups. She continues to live and thrive. Last week she was at the tail end of a struggle with the flu and needed fluids and bowel rest to get the inflammation down. While she was in the hospital for that reason, they looked at her records and took tests again and continued to tell her cancer was everywhere. To look at her she was fine. She continued with her report which was the word of God. She refused any further agreement that she has to die. The oncologist in the hospital tried to talk her into hospice! They moved her to the cancer ward of the hospital. She was still fine to look at her, showing no signs of death, joking around, not throwing up, keeping food down fine. The staff kept asking her if she was keeping food down  assuming that she was experiencing all the normal signs of cancer even though she told them she was not. She left that deathtrap alive and well and is recovering from an inflamed bowel, eating fine. We stand with her believing the word of God over the doctors’ report.

As I pondered these two miracles and thought about how amazing and defying of natural belief they were, I thought about the time when Bill Clinton asked the question “Who youbill going to believe?  Me or that bleep bleep bleep!?” It made me think of God saying to us, look at me and look at the doctors… who are you going to believe? I’m not a Clinton supporter, it has nothing to do with him. However, the idea of comparing God’s word to the doctors’ is similar to what Bill Clinton said. So as for me and my house, we will believe the report of the Lord! Whose report will you believe?