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Is Healing Embarrassing?

Have you ever received the gift of tongues? For some the answer is “Yes! Years ago!” For others the answer is “No, but I want it” which leaves the latter feeling unqualified or unloved. Let me tell you that healing is just as easy or difficult to receive as the gift of tongues or any other gift of the Holy Spirit. Many people receive tongues easily and many wait for years or never manifest it openly, yet God wants everyone to have every gift. God wants us all well but not all are well yet. God wants all saved, yet… not all are saved. All people can be saved, healed, delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit freely and it is God’s will as surely as Jesus shed His blood. So what is the common denominator with not receiving? It is our own hesitant feelings, embarrassment, fear of the unknown and inability to agree with the offer. It’s weird! Everything supernatural is awkward to our mind and flesh and we must be as open as a child to try something uncomfortable in order to receive these gifts.

Someone struggling with embarrassment will be most unhappy to get prayer in public. Even though they will do it, disappointment is destined to follow the event because the person has a fear of being healed in public. This describes me perfectly.

I’ve noticed that shy people will have difficulty receiving. Bold people will be more apt to manifest gifts and healings. As humble as it may sound, embarrassment is pride. Pride stops us from receiving but it hides itself behind shyness, fear, embarrassment and anxiety. All those emotions are shouting at us and we obey them rather than God. We must repent from embarrassment, fear and even anxiety in order to experience the goodness God offers. To get deliverance from shyness or embarrassment, use this verse. Speak it all day and night and tell the spirit of timidity to leave!

2 Timothy 1:7 (CEB) God didn’t give us a spirit that is timid but one that is powerful, loving, and self-controlled.

I am just now aware of this news and I am eager to see myself change with this revelation immediately. Embarrassment runs in my family but it won’t anymore. Be bold! Be free!