Symptoms Of Healing

As I move along in my healing journey, I expect improvement. Satan always tries to convince us that nothing is happening but when you pour scriptures and testimonies into your mind, nothing but healing can come out. So what are the signs of healing? I’ve been asking the Lord to show me my signs of healing. I’m being healed of a spinal cord injury, I know in my spirit and even my mind, yet my heart needs convincing. I have begun to recognize double-mindedness in myself which will short-circuit any healing miracle, according to the book of James, chapter 1 vs 5-8. So even though I truly believe with my mind, still my heart says “experience speaks louder to me right now.” Our heart is like a jury that needs evidence. Faith provides evidence to our heart. (Heb 11:1) Once faith is working and the heart is convinced, they believe together and faith flows quickly.
My healing journey is hitting new levels of physical evidence but it will require faith to believe what I’m going to tell you. I’m in a place where I’ve been meeting daily now, with a friend who is also being healed miraculously. We meet a couple hours per day as a healing school of sorts. Spirit-led, we’re just sharing the daily news of healing with each other and what God is showing us minute by minute. It’s exciting. Probably the most exciting time of my life. Watching another person being healed has to be the best thing you can do for your own unbelieving heart. Wendy’s Testimony happening in front of me is of course, building my faith. My mother is also healing of paralysis these past 2 years or more. She can stand and take steps now. This is also causing my heart to become purged of unbelief that has been embedded into it by “knowledge” taught to me from doctors and therapists about the “permanent” nature of my condition. That “knowledge” is has accidentally become part of my un-belief, over time.
dr leafSo at this stage, Wendy and I have been discussing the studies on the brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf, about how the renewing of our minds regenerates and reprograms the body physically. (All very scriptural, according to Phil 4:8). So we’ve been focusing, discussing and practicing the truth of the Word every minute of the day, separately, and then meeting together to discuss. Revelations come fast when you talk about them with others who believe with you. “As iron sharpens iron” so goes the program here. We have realized that all the stuff treewe are thinking on, such as grace, healing, righteousness, creativity, thankfulness and success, is growing those “green trees” in our brain which destroy the toxic black trees we have been using to think on fear, worry and dread. As I’ve been changing what I meditate on and what I allow myself to think about, I’ve been noticing physical bodily changes. Nothing mobility-wise but definite changes are happening. My body has begun to exhibit symptoms of healing in a detoxification way. It began months ago after Wendy and I started meeting daily.

1. I noticed a new night-sweating with a chicken-soup smell. Profuse sweatsweating at night, on my neck, sometimes sweet smelling other times soup-like odor. I looked this up and found out it can be a symptom of detox. I’m familiar with some symptoms of detox as herbs, supplements and fasting were a part of my upbringing. So this symptom seemed to ring a bell with me.
2.Next I noticed exhaustion would come and go. I had been wondering why, when I read Bible verses out loud I’d get sleepyoverwhelmed with sleepiness. Most people say it is an attack from satan but I say, it’s detox! (Symptoms of healing!). Makes sense since reading healing verses must be doing something good! I would also become so sleepy right in the middle of deep and intense conversation with Wendy, (not bored), that I could hardly keep my eyes open. “What is going on?” I’d say as I kept becoming so sleepy when I was extremely interested. Another symptom of detox is exhaustion! I’ve noticed this happens during any of my favorite activities that are stimulating my brain. Games, blogging, reading anything, designing Tshirts, etc. Watching any documentary that is informational will put me to sleep no matter how much I’m interested! So don’t be upset with church members who can’t stay awake in church! Their green trees are being activated!
3. Another thing I noticed was the glands in the back of my head backofheadwere getting so sore during all the discussions and deep thinking. I needed to rub the back of my head a lot as the muscles and glands in my head were getting a workout! This is an endocrine system gland reaction. Glands are detoxing; collecting toxins. This is a sure sign of detox. Time to drink a lot more water. Massaging that area helps but pray through and drink water or you can get flu-like symptoms.
4. This one is weird. I began finding random water blisters on my skin.IMG_1300.JPG They looked exactly like 2nd degree burns! I hadn’t burned myself on anything I knew of and a couple of them appeared in the morning, not being there the previous night. I finally discovered that skin eruptions of even water blisters can be a detox symptom. I got them on my arms and hands, probably because those are my active limbs. Most people get detox boils on their lower limbs because that’s where the most blood flows. They seemed to erupt like a toxic bubble blisterof acid springing a leak on my skin. I have no other explanation and I’m believing by faith that good things are happening in my body. Wendy found a burn-like eruption as well, on the “lower region.”
People who expect to be sick look up symptoms of sick(null)ness when something is happening in their body. People who expect to be healed look up symptoms of healing. I’m surrounding myself with healing, immersed in the Word; nothing else CAN happen!

If you have any similar symptoms of detox healing like this, please comment. Especially if you are detoxing your brain with Dr Leaf. Changing your thought-life can really start to make physical changes!

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  1. Yeah!!! I love this.. and love being a part of it…! and Love what the Lord is doing in us and through us! Change is often uncomfortable and side affects happen – but we are progressing! …it’s worth the trip! and the best is yet to come! Praise the Lord! tfs

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