Sin UN-Consciousness

I never realized before we started studying and ministering Law vs. Grace that I am actually not sin-conscious AND I’m not supposed to be! (Hebrews 9:9) Even though I used to be legalistic which made me very judgmental, toward others I was actually born-again very young and always felt free from sin consciousness, not condemned. I thought it was because I wasn’t in sin, since I was a quite moral person and stayed away from bad crowds. I made very good choices and it wasn’t hard for me in high school.

I was Catholic at first, later I was born-again and spirit-filled, charismatic flowing in gifts at an early age. I am always excited by hearing from God and using supernatural gifts. I never feel that I miss out on anything worth having but rather that others are missing out on what I have! I have finally realized as we study, that I’ve lived condemnation-free because God supplied that to us in our spirit. Even when I’ve stepped in to the mud, behavior-wise, I didn’t like how I felt and got back on the path God has for me. I always feel guilt from people but not from God. So this is a revelation of my sin UN-consciousness! It is possible! Grace causes no consciousness of sin. Yet people think that too much grace would cause us to sin. It doesn’t.

Now, the law is where sin and condemnation lurk. In our last Bible study on Removing the Veil, as we focused on rules without grace, something happened to all of us who were listening. We felt condemnation creep in and burdens on our shoulders. We squirmed and became suddenly depressed. Watch!

Whew! Get me back into God’s grace! I must share that grace has not caused me to sin. Legalism allows us to hide sin in our hearts. That story of mine is in my book First Wash The Inside. I believe the Spirit is the only way to keep ourselves in-line. We must learn how to be led by the Spirit.  Rules, laws and morals cannot make us clean and show us the way to righteousness. Only the Holy Spirit can guide us. We exchange the law for the Spirit when we are born-again. And that’s girlpickingflowerswhy we do not need the spankings, the  inferior law of commandments, the “schoolmaster” anymore. We should return to a child-like innocence, unconcerned,  feeling loved.




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  1. It’s true…

    Prov 23:7 As he thinks in his heart, so is he.
    If you meditate on your sins, you will,
    if you meditate on your righteousness you will.

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