Righteousness Huh, What is It Good For?

The word “righteousness” has been a mysterious word to me. It is only ever used in religions and the Bible. It’s in a lot of verses in Romans and Hebrews. I’ve heard sermons on it and I’ve been told it’s mine in Christ; yet the word righteous just makes me feel blah blah blah. When I hear the word “righteousness” I have one reaction: deer-in-the-headlights. Blink, blink, blink.
Honestly, I didn’t see the need. Jesus paid for our sins; I’m forgiven; what’s righteousness good for? Like giving a 4–year old a diamond, I think the reaction is the same. It’s pretty; but you can’t bounce it or roll it; it makes no sound; what can a 4 year old do with a diamond? Yet its value is immense.

I’m not talking about acting righteous, I’m talking about our righteousness breastplate, listed in Ephesians 6. I know the sword of the Word; I understand the belt of truth, the shoes of peace, the helmet of salvation; but the breastplate of righteousness given to us is a protection of the heart somehow. Understanding it will surely lead us to new levels of faith and power. As a Christian, we can receive Christ for salvation and relationship with God but stop there, never knowing there’s more. I was one step ahead with baptism in the Holy Spirit at nine years old. Yet the full gospel seems to be even more than that.
I recently heard a teaching that explained the value of righteousness. Joseph Prince says that God once explained to him that a block in healing for him was due to a need to understand righteousness. I perked up when I heard this because I knew I didn’t understand it either. According to the teaching I heard, Romans 10:10 says “with the heart men believe unto righteousness and with the mouth they confess unto salvation (including healing).” Joseph Prince was told he was trying to confess unto healing before his heart was established in understanding the righteousness that was his in Christ. He says that once we understand righteousness, faith flows effortlessly. Prince says he started confessing righteousness verses and then the sickness left the next day. Read Romans and Hebrews to find a plethora of these verses!

I’m also getting a download that we need to understand that nobody can be healed by his own merit. So we must accept healing as an undeserved gift or we will not receive it at all. We are wounded without cause, healed without merit. We are sinners by birth but adopted by The King into His royalty. It’s connected to righteousness somehow. My mind gets it. I hope my heart can grasp it!