The Paralyzed Body Tantrum

I had a vision and a dream some time ago. I wrote it down but never published it. I usually take visions and dreams very seriously but I forgot about this so I’m going to focus on this again. My dream was a little girl on the floor not moving, having a tantrum. My body is having a tantrum and won’t move. A paralyzed body is a body refusing to move. Coax it, tell it to get up. That’s how Jesus helped people get healed. “Arise!” He said. They didn’t know they could walk. The body is like a child.

I asked who she was and the answer came, “it’s you.” My body is another me, a part of me. My spirit is the parent to the body. The spirit must control the body by authority. I must demand that my body get up as I would demand my child to get up. It will listen to me.

The vision was also a child with a crown. This represents us in the body of Christ too. We don’t know who we are yet. We don’t understand the authority we have.

When we act like the kings and princes we are, the world will see us and want what we have.

Raising Awareness of What We Have In Christ