Successful Like Jesus

Me in HD

 “Laugh With Jesus “ is a short video I made that makes you chuckle and leaves you thinking. Perhaps some may even be offended by it.

As a Christian, I feel that my relationship with Jesus includes humor. After all, we were created in the image of God. Laughter is encouraged in God’s word. God makes jokes, inspires humorous thoughts and even imparts holy laughter. Healing can manifest through laughter.  Laughter is good medicine! (Proverbs 17:22) What makes a best-friend relationship? Laughter! What makes a marriage that lasts a lifetime? Laughter is an enormous ingredient.

This video re-enacts myself asking Jesus what it was really like to see Him on earth; I really did ask Him that. I thought about what He might have looked like and acted like, compared to the movies that try to portray Him. God uses movies and TV shows I’ve seen, visions and dreams to communicate with me all the time. It did not surprise me at all to get the vision of Jerry Seinfeld saying “I think I’m pretty much like you… only successful!” Jerry is Jewish, like Jesus. Jerry exhibits a confidence that I wish I could carry so well, like Jesus, I imagine. As funny as it seemed to be, it really did answer my question. It was profound. Jesus was human and so he was “pretty much like us.” Jesus could have looked like Jerry Seinfeld. Jesus was successful at everything He put His hand unto. He was blessed 100%. He never missed it unless His success depended on another human. He was as successful as any human being could be on earth. I want to be like Him. This statement sticks with me. I want to be like Jesus because He was successful. He was successful in healing, in business, in teaching and in ministry. He is love and love never fails.

The last part of the minute or so video was about the disciples. I wondered what they were really like too. The silly vision I had of the Three Stooges and the Keystone Cops was also as profound as it was funny. No disrespect was intended there, only a vision of all of us, really; without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are all bumbling idiots. After Pentecost, the disciples became powerhouses. Fearless!

Thank God we have Jesus living in us. With the mind of Christ, we can all be wise, confident, successful…like Jesus.

Raising Awareness of What We Have In Christ