Addicted To A Wheelchair

The Word says we were “healed, by His stripes”, yet our bodies will sometimes say otherwise. Just as any alcoholic or other addict struggles with freedom from bondage by his own choice, 02yet not knowing how to be free, so is the person who struggles to be free from a wheelchair. We as Christians can agree that we are freed from sin, “by His stripes,” yet Christians often fail at making use of the victory Jesus paid to give us. Faith for healing is the same. Sickness, disease, trauma from injury, anxiety, depression and mental illness are all from the “death” family, listed under curses in Deuteronomy 28. Jesus became a curse for us (Gal 3:13) so that we are set free from sin and death (Romans 8:2). The Word says healing is as available as victory over sin. Sin is wrong; sickness is also wrong.  Yet both the sinner and the handicapped are addicted to their problem. It is my position that as a Christian I am not condemned because of my bondage to a wheelchair, yet it is as wrong as sin. If anyone has ever been addicted to cigarettes, the struggle is the same for a person trying to break free from a long-term sickness or handicap. It’s embarrassing and as wrong as any sin. God wants us well, so staying sick is just like putting Jesus in a wheelchair. Yet the way out seems as far away as another planet. Have mercy, therefore, on the sinner and to the sick and injured who are developing their faith for healing or freedom from sin. Victory is ours though. “And the violent take it by force.” (Matt 11:12)

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_ Lynne Suszek

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