Nothing Else CAN Happen

The phrase “nothing else can happen” has been really highlighted to me, spiritually. God’s talking to me about it. I’ve been considering it for a years. When God talks to you, it isn’t always clear what He’s trying to say. “Incline your ear unto Me, says the Lord. Hearken unto My voice” The Psalms are full of these sayings. God wants us to be still when He’s saying something. When something catches your attention but you don’t know why…God is probably trying to tell you something that you do not already understand. You know, He doesn’t just remind us of things we already know; God has things to tell us that we don’t know. Ponder, meditate and consider things until the new understanding comes forth from your spirit to your conscious mind. Doing this with scripture verses is called meditating on God’s Word. It is how we get revelation knowledge. This is spiritual truth that is life unto our flesh.

So this is what I understand about it right now:

When we understand things really well, like a scientific fact, it’s indisputable.  We know for instance that 1+ 1 = 2.  We also know that natural  laws  are useful and we can invent new things using these laws. When people realized that the force of wind under the wings of a plane planecauses lift, no matter how big the object, they understood how to cause a hunk of metal weighing tons and tons to fly. They understood it to such a point that they said “nothing else can happen.” The plane has to fly.

“Nothing else CAN happen” is a phrase which indicates understanding in full force. Spiritually, this is the way one feels when faith reaches its final stage. Healing manifests whenever our heart and mind agrees with our spirit. When something “makes sense” to us, we’ve reached a “knowing” – a knowledge of the truth that sets us free. When we “know that we know” something, we are in the kind of faith that leads to action. We are in a resting place, we have reached a verdict in our heart and finally this time the jury of your heart agrees. The judge of our heart is convinced and the lawyer has presented enough evidence, saying “I rest my case.” Nothing else CAN happen but the truth.
We have three minds, you see. Our born-again mind of Christ, secondly, the soulish-mind and the third mind is our heart or our belief system, also called our “non-consciousness mind.” The born-again spirit has all the truth; the soulish-mind needs renewing through “the washing of the water of the Word.” Our heart is the final mind, the place from which the issues of our life flow and our body follows what the heart believes. Experiences tend to be more convincing to our belief than words. The heart usually says “show me.”
When we know in our hearts something is true, we are not in need of further convincing. Lies and fear don’t have a chance any more. Lies can try to confuse and stir things up but like cream, whatever is the truth in our heart will rise to the top. Just wait for it, watch for it. A flame held to wax or almost anything, will prevail in changing that matter, making it bend or melt if we apply it long enough, unwavering. Nothing else CAN happen.
In the same way, when the truth of God’s Word is held to or applied consistently, to a situation, the symptoms of sickness, disease or lack must bow their knee and change. The truth is applied by words, not letting up on belief. When wood is cold or wax is thick, it may take a while to see change, but keep on applying the flame like a welder and – nothing else CAN happen but an eventual igniting, melting, bending. In the same way, focus and attention to the truth will bring it to manifestation. NOTHING ELSE CAN HAPPEN.

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