Merry Christmas – Happy Ho-Ho-Holy Day!

“Merry Christmas” is politically incorrect in America but it’s not against the law here, so far. Schools are changing all of their Christmas concert names from “Christmas” to “Holiday.” The children are being re-programmed against using the word “Christmas.”  However, celebrating Christ is still our right and we should be saying it, wearing it and doing it as often as possible.

I’m so glad we can still say “Christmas” in our country without being arrested. Taking advantage of our freedom is how we keep it. The less we celebrate Him, the less we will be allowed. If we don’t fight for the right to say it and wear it on our sleeve, what little we have will be taken from us.

So be bold this Christmas and share the gospel: “Christ with us.” merry_star

The concerns people have with the Christmas holiday being a pagan day is really a distraction from celebrating Christ at all. The day, the tree, the lights the cards. However you do it, do it. Put up a Nativity Scene, better yet, but in any way preaching Christ is the holiday spirit. red christmasFocus on Him, highlight Him, sing, dance, be merry. Rejoice! The worst thing that can happen to a Christian Church is that it would be bought by Muslims and become a mosque. That happens here in Dearborn, Michigan. In my opinion, if we took over a pagan holiday on December 25th, whatever it was, it’s our victory! No day belongs to the devil. We could take over October 31st for celebrating Christmas and that would be awesome. As long as we celebrate Christ, it’s a good day. Never call any day evil. Jesus warns us not to get caught up with dates and days, foods being unholy etc. Every day is the day of salvation. Every day is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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