Knowledge Of Evil

The curiosity of evil is a battle that even Christians face daily now more than ever. The TV programs available to us are intriguing and tempting. Death, criminal minds, torture and evil of every kind surround us. Youtube, Facebook, TV and movies make fear available to us daily if we let them. Why do we participate?  Why do we want to see it? Choices are a part of free will and even though it’s harmful we sometimes get so curious we are willing to open doors to find out what’s inside a door that is marked “DANGER! Keep Out!” Why don’t we choose wisely? The choice is ours yet we are drawn to evil like a moth to a flame.

The mind of a serial killer is so intriguing, it’s like forbidden fruit. “What’s in there?” we ask. Normal non-murderers want to know! Cmansonharles Manson was demon-possessed, no doubt. How do they get that way? What happened to them as a child? When did it start?  We want to know; but God says “you don’t need to know.”  Ted Bundy was raised in a Christian home. Yet something drew him in from being a normal kid into a rbundyaping and murdering man. Bundy did help out a lot of people at the end of his life by interviewing with James Dobson about what happened to him. Bundy gave us his story of pornography addiction and just how  far it took him. The devaluing of humanity in porn will conceive the kind of evil that commits unthinkable things.  I know enough about guarding dahmermy heart to stay away from horror movies; I keep my mind on things lovely and of good report (Phil 4:8) but I found myself curious of the mindset of a serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. He was said to be so normal, good looking, pleasant to chat with; no indication of the evil within. I saw a documentary on Netflix available and I had to watch it. This wasn’t a gory movie; just a documentary of interviews with his neighbors and people that knew him. Watching this documentary, I peered into a mind I had no business thinking on. God says to “Think on thing lovely, whatever is noble, just, right, of good report” (Phil 4:8) When we feed on evil, it’s like sex with the devil. You will conceive something evil. As I watched and meditated on the mind of a demon, not a human, but the demons he allowed to flow through him, I began to conceive. I wasn’t just watching, I was trying to understand what he was thinking. As  I focused on the spiritual side of him, I felt an evil presence that I didn’t know, creeping in. I began to understand the depth of evil that demons have. The depth of evil and hatred that an innocent mind should never know. The feeling was cold and dark and haunting and I didn’t want it anymore. I immediately repented “Jesus help! I’m sorry I was so curious!” I heard God speak to me “You’re not supposed to know evil.” I asked Him to take it away, get it off of me. I rebuked, repented and made it clear I was not participating. It took a while but it left and peace returned.  I realized I don’t need to touch a hot stove any more to understand why I should keep myself from being burned. God tells us how to be safe. Focus on the truth, God’s Word. “whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.” Phil 4:8

It’s not a weak stomach to avoid evil. It’s wisdom.  Peopinnocentle think they’re tough if they can watch horror films, executions, abuse, torture etc. Satan wants you to watch; that’s how he gets a foothold. Decide not to participate, repent and the desire for it will leave. There’s nothing in evil that will help you, make you tough or wise or manly. God tells us to be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”