Jump Start Your Healing

I am compelled to share something that I am convinced is absolutely true and super-important to healing manifestation that I’ve never heard anyone teach or say yet. It’s a truth that the Holy Spirit explained to me that makes sense and I’ve used to help me manifest healing many times, yet, still have yet to understand how to apply it to my mountain – paralysis. I am convinced that it is true and when I finish this healing journey, I’ll surely realize then how this applies. As I blog this to share with you, it will do something for my heart as well.
The subject is that healing works exactly the same as the gifts of the spirit. If you are baptized in the Holy Spirit, you receive the Holy Spirit whether or not any feeling or manifestation occurs. If you ask, you receive (Matt 7:7).  Some people speak in tongues immediately; some people have a delay for years. The only reason for the delay is the mental hang up with allowing the mouth to speak words without using the mind. It’s weird and awkward to speak words you have not learned or speak sounds that your mind is not controlling. Therefore, one must start mimicking someone else’s tongues to jump start the flow! God does not cause our tongues to move, we must start in the flesh and the spirit takes over. All gifts can be jump started. Words of knowledge, visions, discernment of spirits, prophecy etc. All are available to you after you ask. So again, when you ask, you receive. When you “step out in faith,” it flows. It’s awkward at first, like learning to drive a stick shift. Like children learning to walk, or talk, they fall at first and need practice. Your spirit is a gear that some people are unwilling to use. You have 5 natural senses and a spiritual sense. It requires use to become active and mature.
Healing requires a jump start too. Some say “actions activate God’s power,” others say “do something you couldn’t do before.” James 2:14 says “Faith without works is dead” and this can definitely confirm that faith without action will result in zero manifestation. It makes sense that all of God’s power works alike. So healing is there, received, waiting on us to access it through action. We were healed 1 Peter 2:24 says. We have it, just like the gifts. I know this is true. A jump start requires us to turn the ignition on after we are connected to His power. If it doesn’t start the first time, give it more gas. Now that you know the faith formula, you can use it every time. Confess God’s Word that you are healed by His stripes and begin acting on the healing. No matter how awkward it feels, know that it will flow if you keep turning the ignition and step on the gas.

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