The Body Renews Itself

Somewhere along the line, science discovered that the whole body regenerates every cell every 7 years but now they are just saying it’s a fable. There are studies to disprove the original fact and discredit that belief. All you find is the questioning of that scientific finding instead of the study that first explained it. By faith we believe; by the Bible we believe, not by experience or science. When science confirms the Bible, we agree with science. When science contradicts the Bible, we should disagree with science. That’s how we decide whose report we will believe.

Psalm 103:5 says our youth renews just as assuredly as He forgives our sins. We eat good things so that our bodies will be renewed and it’s been taught that our cells get replaced every 7 to 10 years. Now we are told that is not true. Everywhere on the Internet if you look up “new body every 7 years” there is an article written explaining why that’s not true. The question is raised over and over “Do we really get a new body every 7 years?” It’s just like the question Satan asked Eve in the garden,  “Did God really say?” God’s word says our youth is renewed just like our sins are forgiven. He says we were healed and to forget not his benefits. What you believe is what your body will do so if we can start believing, we will start receiving.

Duped by medical science, we are raised in unbelief of God’s Word. This prevents us from seeing his promises manifest. When I was injured in 1985, I believed that the body healed itself. But doctors explained that nerves do not heal at the rate other cells do. If I were fully convinced of God’s word, I would have said hogwash! Instead I said “oh.” I began to repeat what the doctor said and thought that it was true in the natural, except by miracle my injury would not be able to heal. I also believed in miracles though so I expected to get better anyway in time instead of worse. I believed for many things and saw many things get better, however, what he said stuck in my heart and produced a seed of unbelief dividing my faith. And a double minded man will not receive anything. When your faith is divided, you weaken the flow. Short-circuited as it were, causes a weak signal. Believing correctly, it would have taken less than 7 years to heal. Now I believe that everything in the body heals. I’m turning on the flow of healing by agreeing with God’s word. Spinal cords do heal. Mine is regenerating just like skin. Every cell of my body regenerates and we are not even aging if we believe that our youth is renewed.

Satan doesn’t want us to know that our bodies are regenerating. If they are, then think of what that means? All things are made new! We aren’t getting old. Everything that goes wrong with the body will heal. Things get better, not worse! He can’t have us believing that! No. So what does he do? Discredit that idea. Call it a fable. Explain it away. Why would Satan try to convince us that it’s not true? Why would he make us forget our benefits? Because if we don’t believe it, it will not happen.

Everything you were taught from childhood is in your belief system and must be renewed. “You’ll catch cold if you get wet outside ” “you need antibiotics to get over that” “when you get over age 40, your body doesn’t work as well.” Stop believing the un-belief.

We should have Biblical health classes about the truth of our health. The truth is:

  1. laughter makes you healthy
  2. God’s Word is health to all our flesh
  3. Our youth is renewed daily
  4. No weapons formed against us succeeds
  5. We are exempt from diseases
  6. We will not die but live and declare the works of the Lord
  7. The same power that rose Jesus from the dead dwells in us

We literally have more power than we know what to do with. The only way to convince yourself of the truth is by repeating His word and his truths to yourself. Faith  comes by hearing. You change your belief system through your heart by speaking the truth. You also change your belief system for the negative by hearing lies so be careful little ears what you hear and even what you hear yourself say. God has a sense of humor but demons do too. Make sure your humor is not full of sarcasm and negativity. God’s humor is not full of lies, unbelief, deception, blasphemy, mockery or slander. If you want faith to work, speak only words that you believe or want to believe. Of course when we teach, we use examples of things we should not say sometimes but we always counter them by the correct words immediately. When you speak how you feel every day, let it end with how you want to feel. Don’t be afraid to say something negative as long as you follow with the counter words of positive to cancel those words out. Most of the time, just stick to the truth coming out of your mouth and this will manifest every time.

2 thoughts on “The Body Renews Itself”

  1. Every thing you said about God’s word is so
    true. My birthday is today July 11, I’am
    Seventy years old. And I believe all cell’s
    in my body have been renewed. This is
    what I believe every seven years.
    I believe my youth is renewed like
    the eagle’s. I also believe “I shall live to
    a 120 years on this earth. That is if
    my Lord don’t come to get all the believer’s
    before that time. It is written in His word
    that we shall live a 120 years.

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