It’s In There

God keeps giving me these parables to help me understand how faith works. I know it’s God because I don’t understand it all at once. I have to think and talk and blog about it in order to munch and digest what it means.

This one is about faith like when you look in a refrigerator.  You don’t really see what’s in there, you have to know what’s in there to find it. I have often asked my caregiver to get something for me that I want from my fridge when I can’t go there myself because I’m in bed.  Even if I know it’s in there,  what it looks like and where it is, she still may not be able to find it. I describe it more, tell her when I saw it last and still she may come back frustrated, not finding it. However, because I know it is in there, I persist. I ask someone else in the house to help her find it. Sometimes that helps. Sometimes I wait and find it myself the next day. Sure enough, it’s in there. It just looked different than what she expected. It’s the same way with healing. Jesus told His disciples how to pray over people and they did. But when they didn’t see it happen right away, they lost faith because they didn’t continue to believe and know what they could do by faith. When an electrician fixes something, they know how things work. If their efforts fail, they don’t say “I guess that one can’t be fixed.” They know there’s a reason it’s not working and keep trying until it happens. We should pray again when healing doesn’t happen. Keep applying the jumper cables until healing manifests. We are going to see a day when healing is normal for those in Christ. It takes losing faith in doctors and medicine altogether. When you know the supernatural way to be healthy, natural things fade away.

In fact all the gifts of the spirit require faith/knowledge to activate them. It’s easy to give up on healing when you don’t know you have it already. Like the Ruby slippers in Wizard Of Oz, Dorothy had the power to go home the whole time but she didn’t know it until she had reached a place called Oz. Oz is the place where we know there is power to do supernatural things. If she were told she could use the slippers in the beginning, she “wouldn’t have believed it.” She had to experience the journey in order to understand and agree with the power to get what she already had. (that’s a blog of a different color haha named “Ruby Slippers”)

Healing is a part of our born-again spirit. The 9 gifts of the spirit are available as soon as we are born-again. We need to learn that right away but most churches don’t understand enough to teach that to people. A child has an easier time believing in the supernatural than adults. Pride is a stumbling block to our ability to operate in things we don’t yet understand. Feeling silly stops us from acting on and practicing the gifts. Tongues is a perfect example. I’m glad I got it early on, at 11 years old. It’s easy yet hard on logic and pride. It’s the most exciting thing you’ll ever experience to flow in tongues, words of knowledge, prophecy and healing. You have to do them without understanding, like children.  Practicing flowing in these gifts regularly is the only way to live. There are Youtubes to help you get started. Look up Jason Chin from “Love says go” and Art Thomas has many Youtube videos and a book called “Words of Knowledge In Action.” Healing and the spiritual gifts go together. They are to be cultivated and practiced. It’s awkward at first but there’s really nothing else in life as exciting as living in the supernaural. Live on the edge! Take a risk! Step out of your pride and comfort zone and be willing to make mistakes until you are doing it regularly.


For information on how to apply your faith, read examples in my blog testimonies like Mountains And Molehills and my Youtube videos like I’m Still Here  ; Aggressive Faith! ;  I was Always Sick ; Mark’s Healings    

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  1. thanks! It IS in there! ha! I love this… I can so relate to sometimes not seeing what is right under my nose! …and forgetting to ask the Lord to show me where something is that I am struggling to find… when He knows!
    Art Thomas has really great stuff – thanks for sharing! I will definitely check out Jason Chin too!

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