Is My Boycott Judgmental?

Is it  judgmental to boycott Target? I have been growing in a feeling to boycott Target for years. This new bathroom policy is just the last straw for me. They have an anti-Christ spirit at the top management level. I had noticed their refusal to stock Christian things during Christmas like nativity sets or anything Christ-like at my local Target; Salvation Army bell ringers are not welcome at Target; their changing rooms are unisex already; they are so pro-gay it’s like they are anti-family. They support gay pride in every possible way, selling gay-pride Tshirts, they donate to gay-pride functions but “veterans do not meet our area of giving” they say, “We only donate to the areas of arts, social actions and education.” I consider them anti-Christian at the very least. I boycotted them last Christmas by shopping elsewhere and finally will now stop altogether. I shopped there a lot because it was convenient and they have the best handicap bathrooms; now I will cut them off completely and encourage others to do so because I sense an anti-Christ spirit and I’d rather spend my money where Christ is welcomed  and shoppers can buy something about Christ at Christmas. I’ve been called judgmental about this. I suppose the name-callers are referring to trans-gender people when they say I’m judging, not Target stores.

I used to judge people legalistically until I realized that being judgemental was not an attraction to Christ. I was delivered from my hypocrisy when I found the true gospel of grace in the Bible and wrote a book about my change. Grace is not a license to sin but truth be told, it’s a realization of the favor given to us all because Jesus removed sin. Those who do not believe in this truth are the only ones still in sin; those who believe on Jesus are righteous and free of sin by believing, not based on actions (Chapter 7 of my book) thatsmall anyone should boast, but simply  by believing. Our actions usually do change  but do not judge others by their actions and don’t think you are not sinning based on your actions either. We are only righteous by faith in grace -Jesus. So I do not judge trans-genders, I would say they need redirection in life, deliverance and love. They are confused in their identity and really need to be delivered spiritually, brought out from under condemnation into the knowledge of God’s approval and love for them. Approval is already ours by grace. God paid our bail for everyone. “Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.” Joel 2;32; Romans 10:13; Acts 2:21

As a woman: Transgender males are welcome to my church, not my bathroom.

2 thoughts on “Is My Boycott Judgmental?”

  1. I have a gay friend who told me not all transgenders are without their original parts. Seriously, I don’t know much about the extent of these sex changes and I don’t think I should know. Showing acceptance and love does not mean I exchange my values for those to whom I minister. I’m saying male parts go into the male bathroom not my women’s bathroom. Hey I’m familiar with feeling uneasy and out of my comfort zone, being handicapped 30 years, I can’t go in many places. Unisex bathrooms at Target (as a third option) seems the way to go. But we all must decide for ourselves where we draw our lines with the tolerance of the world. Thanks for commenting!

  2. If you don’t want to shop at Target, don’t. Or maybe, like your church policy, go to Target, but make sure you go with an empty bladder.
    A transgender male is someone who transitions FTM, a transgender female is a someone who transitions MTF. A transgender male would pee in the men’s bathroom.

    A transgender female would pee in the women’s bathroom. And, they just want to pee.

    Seriously, you are welcome in my church but pee at home? Hey, Jesus loves you, but made sure you come to my church with an empty bladder.

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