If You Stop Believing They Will Leave

“If you build it, they will come” is a famous quote from a classic movie Field of Dreams, which I’d have to insist had no meaningful point to it whatsoever. On the other hand, however, even though I have nothing good to say about that movie, the silly quote sticks with you. Spiritually speaking, there are strategies of healing and one that I’ve noted is that sickness works the same way as this silly quote. The way I would describe sicknesses is If you believe in them, they will come. The more you think about, meditate on, fear them or talk about a disease like cancer or even a cold, pretty soon you are likely to be dealing with it in yourself. This is my theory and I have seen it seem to hold true for years. So for me, the answer to the big question, why do we get sick? is answered by this statement:

Whatever you think on comes upon you, from Job 3:25 where Job meditated on bad imaginations.

Based on that statement I’d say our focus should be on good things! As Phil 4:8 says: Whatever is good Whatever is noble, whatever is of good report, whatever is lovely.. and I would include whatever is funny, helpful, creative, colorful, exciting and solution-based, think only on these things!

When you meditate on something, it’s like coming into agreement with it. It’s accidental but it’s still making it happen. I heard of a girl who had been involved with raising money for fighting cancer for years, a very young girl. She just became diagnosed with cancer at 9 years old. It makes sense to me that she meditated on it too much. I just heard this news a few weeks ago in 2019. I’ve seen this happen with paralysis, diabetes, weight and many other sicknesses. Of course, I believe it can be reversed and is completely curable with the right information. That’s why I blog! Not only are there natural resources like CBD oil etc that are being found to cure cancer, but the whole thing can be avoided merely by stopping your agreement with it.

Stopping sickness or reversing a malady can and should be done with an opposite approach from how it was conceived. Abort the sickness!

If you agree with it, it will be conceived, birthed and born.


If you disagree or stop belief, it will leave.

Steps for disagreeing with sickness are as follows:

  1. Verbally Stop acknowledging it.
  2. Physically defy it.

Verbal Disassociation With The Problem Similar to faith + action, we speak our faith and act on it. Praying for something to change and then continuing to speak as if it’s not changing is absolutely self-defeating. Don’t acknowledge it over and over. Don’t look up things on the Internet about it. Don’t fill yourself with knowledge about the malady. Don’t go to group therapy for those with the condition.

Disassociate yourself with it. Disown it. Separate yourself from it emotionally and don’t identify with it. Detach! It is not your identity. In other words, to a certain extent being “in denial” of it is correct if you’re in faith for your healing. Abort cancer! Cut off its life source!

Physically defying it is a prophetic action that disagrees with the malady. This includes doing as much to act like it’s not there as possible. I have many examples of this including the testimony called “walking away from the flu” which I have done after a testimony by a friend. I’ve included this testimony in my third book UndercoverMiracle Team

Think well, act well, be well. You are well because of Jesus. 1 Peter 2:24 says “by His wounds we were healed.” Bank on that promise by believing it over any diagnosis.

*You can catch your body not acting sick sometimes. Pay attention and really notice anything that is not consistent with the problem. Don’t excuse your wellness and slough it off! Catch glimpses of wellness, improvement and changes for the better. “Aha!” And soon POOF! You’ll see the whole healing!