Faith Feels Like Anger

Let not the sun go down on your anger

Ephesians 4:25-27 is almost always taught and believed to be about anger being a stumbling block to Christians. However, the way I see the meaning now is the exact opposite. It say be ye angry and din not. Stay angry against evil to avoid sin! Anger is actually something God gave us to help us stand up to evil. We must be on guard at all times against Satan while also realizing that we must not hate people even those who allow evil to flow through them. Anger against an evil thing is very powerful and beneficial. Jesus was angry at most of the Pharisees because of their evil motives refusing to humble themselves and believe Him.

I believe anger and confidence is the stuff that faith is made of. Faith flows through love and love is strong, not mushy and passive. Love is what causes a person to fight and even die for another person or for his country. Belief and faith are similar but faith actually leads to believing.

Whenever I have been in faith and saw miraculous things happen, sometimes it feels like anger. Stirring up our faith can be done by seeing a need and knowing that you have a miracle to offer. When I had a third-degree burn on my hand, the hospital burn unit gave their opinion. They wanted to do surgery saying it would not heal without it. The final word was “It will be a miracle if that heals without surgery.” To which I replied “No problem. I have one of those.” You can read that testimony here Convincing Myself Of The Truth

Whenever we see an illness, we can get angry and be stirred up to act in faith by praying over the person. Faith causes action. Acting in faith is a determined, strong, aggressive force backed by love. Love never fails. Love perseveres. Love knows its supernatural strength. We know from 1 Corinthians 13 that love is patient and is kind. But love also fights for truth, protects, defends and stands up against evil. Love is overrides fear. Heroes are the best examples of love. Love never fails to stand guard against evil. Love defends, protects and stands watch. Love doesn’t let the sun go down on his anger against the enemy.