Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

I believe all quadriplegic and paraplegic individuals, like myself, can be healed. I believe everything is cureable and I am coaching healing, tweeting it, writing it and living it. Paralyzed people are most often told they can’t get better and if you believe it, that’s what you’ll get, not-better. The sooner you believe you can be completely healed the sooner it happens. As a Christian I believe Jesus Christ offers healing to everyone, even atheists. He took a beating for our healing and shed his blood for our salvation. Salvation is a decision for Christ we can receive in full or in part. You can be healed but not saved or saved but not healed. It’s up to you! I’m a whistleblower and I’m helping those of us who’ve been duped by the lie that some things cannot be cured. Jesus is the double-cure! Everything can be healed and Spinal Cord Injury paralysis is included.
My healing journey started with a car accident in 1985 at which time I was told I would not recover. However, I believed I would. I’ve lived 31 years as a C6 quad but my experience, though not over, has been head and shoulders above the rest as far as the “norm” goes. I want to warn people early-on, don’t believe that you can’t be healed. You’ll recover faster if you believe that you will recover faste. In my case I only partially believed because I didn’t know how to resist the idea that it could not get get better and see it change right away. I did believe it would eventually change. I’ve improved in so many ways, it’s like people can’t count me as a typical quad because I’m not. A doctor told me I’m the healthiest quad he’s ever seen. I was in the hospital because I flushed out my sodium using a diet that had me drinking tons of water. After so long, I didn’t realize I should have used some Gatorade too because you can dehydrate yourself by drinking too much water that way. Sodium goes down and blood pressure bottomed out. I was in the hospital being examined for days and my blood pressure would go back up when we used the I.V. of course. Then I would go home, drink tons of water and end up back in the hospital. They did every test they could on me to see why I was suffering from super low blood pressure. (Life-threatening) They couldn’t find a kidney stone or anything wrong with me. After that the doctor overseeing my case said I was the healthiest quadriplegic he ever saw. This was earlier this year 2016. I successfully lost 50 pounds that I had accidentally gained and now I know how to keep my blood pressure up!
I’m healthy, no medications, no bladder infections in 20 years. My muscles are not atrophied much in my legs. I look very normal and all that’s left to heal is to see movement. But why wait until I’m up and walking to tell my fellow quads that they can be healed? You can start improving today. You might recover faster than me if you change what you believe, what you say and how you think. I’m going to get out of this chair and I’m taking everyone with me.
When I was first told that spinal cord injuries don’t heal, I asked the doctor “why don’t they heal? everything else in the body does; everything in our bodies is designed to regenerate. Why would nerves be different?” The doctor really didn’t know what the reason was but his best guess was that it heals so slowly it takes more than a lifetime to see a significant change. Doctors think nerves don’t heal the way the rest of the body does, like skin. But I recently concluded that the doctors really don’t know and they are believing a lie based on observations and telling everybody these lies. This is called un-belief. When they tell you something is not going to heal it’s not true. And if you believe what they tell you then you will impede the healing. The Bible calls it unbelief. Even believing that it’s possible to be healed and believing it’s impossible at the same time is a position of unbelief.
I’ve been learning how healing is meant to work for years and recently I burned my hand under a thermal warmer by accidentally trapping the heat with my hand under it. It didn’t burn my neck that it was on, but my left hand burned badly. The whole story is available with pictures but the point is the doctors thought it would not heal without skin grafting surgery. I prayed about it seriously and decided not to believe the first and second opinions I got from the burn units. I refused surgery in faith and watched my hand heal like it was being knit together for 2 months until brand new skin was formed with no scar.
This experience was a proving ground for my ❤️ heart. I convinced myself of the truth that we can be healed by God’s design and it is His good pleasure to do so. Jesus reversed the curse of anything not healing and now healing is available to anyone who can believe. Look up and follow my Facebook page , “Quads Believing For Healing” for a new kind of support group. Encouragement for healing, not pity parties. Learn how to believe and start seeing results!

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