Grace Value and Healing

I’m finally beginning to understand the connection between grace and healing. I’m now very aware that feelings of self worth are directly dependent upon understanding God’s grace. Grace is actually the salve for every wound on our souls where someone has diminished our value; and what’s more, our feelings of worth and value affect our ability to receive healing. I believe that God’s grace (unmerited favor) is the application of worth to a human being. Most people are suffering from feelings of worthlessness and are in need of an increased sense of value. In order to receive anything from God we must accept our own value to Him, just like a child. Our value is actually based on the quality of being created in God’s image. We all possess one unique quality: that we are created in His image; all men were created equal to each other and… we are God-like. This makes us superbly valuable . A human life should be valued at any time whether unborn or elderly, sick, weak or healthy, any color, age or ethnic background. We were worth the price He paid to save us all. Why? Because God thinks we are and who wants to argue with Him? He would not have paid the price He did unless He believed we were worth it. God is not an unwise investor! So it must be true that we are all worth the priceless suffering Jesus paid.
Many of our mental illnesses and emotional illnesses are strongly linked to beliefs in low self worth. In other words, guilt is a killer. We are not meant to think of ourselves as lowly worms or “pieces of crap” as we might be called by vessels of Satan as we grow up. Our sense of worth is necessary for health and well-being. Religious teachings (legalism) are very sparse with grace, always applying religious rules, fear of failure and plenty of guilt. This is anti-grace, anti-gospel and anti-Christ. Grace is the lifter of our head, the edification of our soul, the eraser of guilt and the healing power we need for our bodies. No wonder that grace and faith go hand in hand. “For by grace are Ye saved, (healed, delivered) through faith and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God” Ephesians 2:8.
When trying to receive healing, focus on God’s infinite value placed in you. You are worth healing. God values you. Grace is favor, worth and value applied to you. Stop focusing on the “undeserved” part. It makes you feel undeserving which causes resistance to grace! The fact is that you are valuable just because you are human! Even if you brought a sickness upon yourself, you are worth healing! You are useful and valuable as you are: handicapped, overweight, too thin, injured or sick. You are His workmanship! You are a masterpiece. Edifying yourself will lead to your own healing and help you minister to others.

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