Get Familiar With Miracles

When you practice faith and begin seeing results, a pattern begins to emerge. You can expect the natural world to act a certain way in reaction to the miraculous. What you think people will act like when a miracle occurs is not what actually happens. At first, miracles are so unfamiliar to us that we only imagine what it will look like. However, after experiencing miracles, I am beginning to know what a miracle does actually look like and how people react.
The pattern is
1. The natural mind is confused
2. The natural mind argues and tries to reason it away
3. The natural or carnal mind concludes that the original problem never existed and may even be offended by the suggestion that a miracle took place.

We pray for healing regularly. The diagnosis from a recent incident was “stroke” at first, but we prayed. The symptoms were paralysis on one side of his whole body, numbness, unconscious. When we declared nothing was wrong and commanded symptoms to leave, within 12 hours they left. Doctors actually gave the man a very risky medicine for stroke to see as much recovery as possible. They should never have given this medicine if there was no stroke. However, the results were so good, they could not even give credit to the medicine. Then they tested and re-tested. They tried to figure out what happened and then they concluded that the diagnosis they first gave must have been incorrect. That would be really bad on their part, since they gave him medicine that could have killed him. The man (an unbeliever) was back to work running a paper route in less than a week. The doctors have decided the paralysis was a freak thing from an old injury he had in his neck and now they encourage surgery to prevent this from happening again. We pray this idea will pass too.
Poor doctors! They don’t understand miracles and prayer! This is normal for us who pray. The medical staff gets confused and we just smile in confidence and blessed assurance. When I offer to pray for others I tell them what to expect. The family does not acknowledge the miracle but they are glad things turned around so quickly. They know that we believe our prayer was effective. They will ask for prayer when they need it again. God is working on their hearts.
Get familiar with the miraculous or you will miss them. You will brush them off and conclude things that steal the miracle right in front of you. When paralysis leaves my body, I am prepared that unbelievers will question my thirty years of disability. I have decided not to worry about defending myself. I have plenty of witnesses and doctors’ confirmations yet why do none of my doctors even now admit to my miraculous health? I’m on very little to no medicine, having no bladder infections, very good muscle tone in my legs instead of atrophy. I look shockingly well for the length of time I’ve been paralyzed. So well that people who meet me often get confused and even angry accusing me of faking it. Not sure how they conclude something like that in a few seconds but it’s more of a complement than an insult, I suppose. On one hand I don’t seem very disabled, and miraculous recovery has been taking place; on the other hand however, I can tell you, many a caregiver will attest to my actual condition. Nobody would have the things I need done to themselves voluntarily. And those handing my lower extremities would be very relieved if my legs would cooperate with their maneuvers but instead they do flop down all too often when caregivers are not focused to control them slowly. The miraculous is happening; wait for it….watch for it…acknowledge it.