Being human isn’t really as bad as we’ve been made to believe. Some Christians act like we have to put up with being humans in bodies until we can finally die and then we get to shed these suits of flesh and go to heaven. Let me point out some advantages to being in human form. We are made in God’s image, so we are a spirit living in a body. This is very special. Spirits love to express themselves. Be glad you have the ability to express yourself through your body. We express ourselves through words, laughter, writing, songs, art and communication of any kind.  Clothes are most assuredly a source of expression. What you wear certainly makes a statement. We love Tshirts with something written on them. Facebook, Twitter, tattooSnapChat,  blogging or whatever, we like to communicate what we are thinking! Being isolated is torture for us. Loneliness and inability to speak are  enough to cause suicidal thoughts. Tattoos are addictive because we must (or something in us wants to) express one more thought, one more idea to the world, one more picture.

Demons are envious of us for this reason. They try to cohabitate with us in our bodies and express themselves through us. They cannot do this unless we let them but we do let them a lot. Whenever people let sin arise, a demon is on stage. Rage, lust, homosexuality, murder, fear, ragehatred, pride, witchcraft (manipulation and controlling others), lying, stealing, coveting are all spirits! You either act in love which is Christ dwelling in you and through you, or we allow sin to express itself through us. We are vessels with a will of our own. Resist those demonic expressions and the desire will leave! Especially if you speak a verse in the Bible every time you have a bad urge. Like if you have rage, use the verse “A fool give full vent to his anger” Proverbs 29:11 whenever you feel rage. It will deflate that urge and you will be freed. There are verses to deflect every sin. Just do a search for your problem in the Bible.

We must express ourselves in healthy, Godly ways. Smile, wear bright colors, Tshirts that witness Christ in you; let your hair and clothes make a statement for Jesus.  Put on color, jewelry, nail polish that lifts up your spirit and others. Express heaven through your clothing, hair, words, tone of voice and your face. People need to bechild_painting noticed. Give attention to each of your children. Help them express themselves in healthy ways. Encourage their individuality. Bring attention to their gifts of music or anything creative. Discourage isolation and help them develop talent. Parents can be very helpful by encouraging their children to pursue artistic talents and making a statement early. Also be expressive in positive ways as an example to them. Let it flow!

artCaregivers for elderly or handicapped individuals should encourage activities that help their clients express themselves. Existing is not enough. We must feel a sense of purpose and expression or we die from the inside.