I have pondered healing and receiving for years and I’m seeing it happen daily, resisting sickness and discovering laws of faith that work every time you apply them. Here’s another one I’ve learned and am trying to apply to the biggest miracle of my life. I know God has been telling me that we receive everything the same way, we just need to realize it. If you have ever been baptized in the Holy Spirit with the “evidence” of speaking in tongues then you’ve manifested a miracle and you do it any time you want to. Many people want the gift of tongues but think they are waiting for it to manifest. The way the Holy Spirit comes to you is by your asking. If you ask, He comes. If you want to be born again you can be, there’s no line, no waiting for it to arrive by mail. You simply realize you want God to dwell in you, and ask Him to show up. No qualifying, no games, nobody ever says “I tried that but it didn’t work.” Being born-again is a huge miracle. What we might say though is, “so-and-so says she’s a Christian but I don’t see the evidence.” I say, people can be born-again, spirit-filled and healed without the evidence showing up for a period of time. It’s all about the laws of faith and how we receive. We can be born-again with God dwelling inside and see the evidence or not see anything immediately. We can be spirit-filled and yet not manifest tongues, right away. We can be healed and not show evidence, for a long time or ever if we don’t know how to receive. Receiving spiritually can happen by “accident” or on purpose. But it all is available today, right now.
When I was baptized in the Holy spirit at 9 or 10 years old, I began praying in tongues while worshiping in bed. Who knows how long I had been baptized in the Holy spirit. It might have been that night or days or longer, I don’t remember when I was prayed over. I’ve learned that people can be hung up on speaking in tongues because it’s weird and never “let it go!” Or let it flow, I should say.

One launching tactic is to start praising God and then start imitating another language and then your own takes off. You cannot keep up false tongues with your mind; you start to flow and your own new language takes off. But the mind has to initiate the first step. You must try moving your mouth in some way. Our gifts in the spirit all work this way; prophecy, word of knowledge, healing are all initiated by just acting like you can do it first. Like anything new, it’s awkward at first.

When we are born-again we have old thinking, old habits that need to change. The sooner we submit to our spirit, the sooner we “act” born-again. Some do it sooner than others. Healing also happens first from the inside. We have it as soon as we pray for it, we just need to jump start it by acting healed. Keep acting like it, the same way you start a car that is stalled out. Turn the ignition, step out in faith, yell at your body. Tell it to move, shake that limb like one that fell asleep; expect it to wake up. Don’t stop reading your body the Word of God. Convince your body that it is healed.  “Who are you going to believe?” Your body or God’s Word? The natural mind cannot understand the spiritual mind. We must learn to stop using our natural mind and begin using our spiritual mind. Then miracles will happen. Here are some examples.