Believing An Opinion Other Than God’s Word is Effectively Unbelief

So all these years I’ve been looking for the answer to “what lie am I believing causing an unbelief effect?” which would hold back my healing. I believe that a faith in the opinion of a doctor can be unknowingly so strong, it can be the source of unbelief you’re wondering about. Accidental, unknowing belief in the doctor’s opinion is a heart issue that may be the biggest deterrent to healing there is. Faith in the doctor’s opinion is in effect Unbelief. A doctor’s word is above God’s word in our hearts since childhood. Why not? We are taught that doctors know more than anyone about heath but God’s Word says something else. This is doublemindedness.

Natural faith is also effectively unbelief. Belief or faith in a diagnosis being incurable would be unbelief even if you attach “according to doctors” to the end of your sentence.

Everything is actually supposed to heal. If you had a bad report and didn’t know how to condemn it according to the verse

..every tongue that rises up against you, you shall condemn,

then you let those words stick. If you are suffering with any ailment you may be holding the diagnosis “incurable ” higher than God’s Word.

In other words, in my case, at the time of my accident I believed God was going to heal me but I had no grounding in how to cooperate with that plan. When doctors and therapists spoke of my injury as permanent, I said that I believed God would heal me, but I didn’t know how to really disbelieve the words of the doctor and stand up against them spiritually. Thus, I have been double minded because the seed of belief in their word incurable took root.

How did I figure this out? It seemed that the Holy Spirit was highlighting something. I wrote a blog about the time I burned my hand (“Convincing Myself Of the Truth;”in that testimony, I tell you doctors told me my hand needed surgery and it would be a miracle if it healed without skin grafting. I was taken by surprise when they told me that, for a whole day. I surprised myself how much their words affected me. I cried in belief of the words they spoke which was a sign of them breaking through my wall. My guard came down. I remember the look of satisfaction on the doctor who saw me cry, as if she finally convinced me of either a lie or what she thought was true.

Afterward I went home and my husband helped shake me out of my trance. I got prayer at church and thankfully a prayer team person encouraged me that it would heal. Then a friend confirmed that she has been healed of the same kind of burn without surgery even though they told her it was needed. That did it. I remembered the words of Andrew Wommack teaching God’s Word “let the peace of God rule your heart and mind in Christ Jesus”‬‬

So when I thought about the lack of peace I had about surgery I decided against it. Decisions are a HUGE part of faith. We decide what we believe and hope arises, faith comes and things change. I decided against surgery, and made the call to cancel the surgery that I allowed them to schedule. That call was my action. I acted on my faith and then I was flooded with peace! You don’t even realize you’re not in peace until it comes flooding into you.

So it healed without surgery beautifully and I learned that my heart still had faith in the opinion of doctors that I didn’t realize I had.

“For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith {or Word} of God without effect?” Romans‬ ‭3:3‬ ‭KJV‬‬

“God forbid: yea, let God be found true, but every man a liar;” Romans‬ ‭3:4‬a ASV

Prescription: The above verse repeated often with the correct understanding will uproot that seed of faith in the doctor’s opinion.

We have to keep God’s word above any other opinion. All I wanted was direction for care to heal the burn. I got a team of doctors telling me it wouldn’t heal. But it did.

In my book “Undercover Miracle Team” in chapter 10 there’s a depiction of my accident but the outcome in the book goes the way it should go when you know how to cooperate with healing. Find it on Amazon