Don’t Confuse Our God With Allah

Nowhere in the United States is there  more Muslim population than Dearborn Michigan. The opportunity to witness to the Muslim community here is outstanding. However, we Christians also must be on guard here like no other place in the U.S.  And because our God is not like the Muslim god “Allah” we should not confuse God’s character with Allah’s. While it’s true, there is only one God and it is our God; the false god called Allah is served and feared by Muslims in their hearts. Our gods are different in nature; in fact, if they had the same character, we would be believing in the same God. So if you believe our God has similar attributes to another god, then you are not really believing in the God of the Bible. The name does not distinguish them, their attributes do. So it’s very important to understand the character and personality of the God you worship.

The Muslim god is considered sovereign.  He is considered  “in control” of everything.  The Muslims believe they can serve him their whole life and still be unsure of whether they’ve been good enough to deserve heaven.  Everything that happens whether good or bad, those who are saved or going to hell, each person’s salvation is decided by their god Allah. Does this sound like your idea of God? If so, then you are serving a false God in your heart. The Bible does not teach us that God is sovereign the way that we have so often heard.  He is all-powerful for sure; but his sovereignty does not mean that He will do as He pleases to whomever He wills, good or bad. Our God is good all the time.  God is not the wizard of Oz, who scares people into submission. God Our Father desires relationship with us as people.  He longs to be our God and wants us to be His people.  He is not manipulative or pushy as so many people imagine. He does not rule with an iron fist but beckons us and knocks at our hearts’ door gently.

The God of the Bible is meek and humble in heart; he’s reliable and can be trusted.  If you believe that your God controls everything, you are not describing the God of the Bible. You are describing Allah.  If you believe God sometimes puts curses on you to teach you things, calls you to die early or allows us to be traumatized by death, disease and destruction you are confusing our God with Allah. If you think we humans are mere worms to God, created to serve Him and grovel in dust begging for mercy and blessing, you have the wrong god.

Our God created us in His own image; He gave us the earth and gave us authority over it. Our God has gifted us with His own righteousness and power to do miracles just by letting Him dwell in and through us. Our God has given us every spiritual blessing in heavenly places. He has healed us, and delivered us.

The Christian God has many names.  He is the Creator of the universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the Lion of Judah,  the Alpha and the Omega, our Provider, Abba Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit.  He has many names but his character does not change.  He is all-loving, He is merciful, all-knowing, an ever present help in time of need, the Counselor, the Healer, the Deliverer; He is our refuge, our solid rock,  our salvation. We are friends with God

On the other hand, if you are a Muslim feeling rejected by and afraid of Allah, there is a true God who loves you and takes rejected Muslims. And we come to Him by no other way than Jesus.  Call to Him and he will answer, draw near to him and he will draw near to you; he will wash you whiter than snow in the blood of Jesus who died for you and rose from the dead. Seek Him and you will find Him if you seek Him with all of your heart.

Abba Father is about relationship, freedom, love, grace and  healing. Allah is about bondage, performance and reward, fear and force. Which god are you serving? Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. If it is God then know His character; if Allah then know that is whom you worship. Don’t mix law and grace; it’s either law and sovereignty or grace and righteousness through Christ.