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The Brain Parrot

We aren’t really sick! Just as I am still able to go back to sin even though I’m righteous by faith, born again and saved, my unrenewed mind (brain) can believe in sickness and I can feel or act sick without it being true! Our natural mind can believe in sickness or injury and it can go back and forth as we believe. For instance Tony Myers was healed of ALS and afterward, days later, he was paralyzed again for a few minutes. What!!? He refused to take it back again so he fought it like we should all fight the first time some illness hits us. Nobody is actually sick. Nobody has to be. Jesus took our sickness and healed all of our diseases Isaiah 53: 4-5 says! I now say, you don’t have to “receive” healing, you have to believe healing!

The Brain Is Like A Pet Parrot

Once you experience a feeling for a while or many times, such as a cell phone vibrating on your hip, your brain retains that like a computer and starts doing it involuntarily! You feel it but it’s not actually happening. This is a perfect example of what the brain can do to trick us and how we have to tell the brain/body to stop doing it! Amazing! Some people expect the flu or they see someone sick, their brain begins to send signals and mimic this sickness. You could have a buzz, a ringing of the ears, a feeling of drunkenness. When you fast, your body rebels with headaches and sluggish feelings, drained and so forth but it will go away if you tell your brain to stop it. You must have faith to believe it. You have faith and you can learn to use it.

Getting the body to stop parroting feelings to us

Once you realize that the body will listen to you instead of you listening to your body, you start telling it what to do but like a pet it might not listen at first like a dog or a parrot doesn’t listen right away. Thinking of your brain and body like a pet is the best way to realize what you’re up against. If you’ve ever trained a parrot you’ll know that it’s not going to listen the first time and it needs repetition. We have to be consistent and insistent. We must be authoritative and realize that we have the right and ability to make our bodies listen. It’s Biblical to make our body listen to us.

1 Cor 9:27 “I keep under my body and bring it into subjection…”

How do we discipline a brain/body? Fasting is the key. By not listening to every little thing it wants when it tells you to do something, like eat, you can discipline the brain. Fasting from food and fasting from body signals makes the body listen to you better. Headaches or pains, allergies and colds, flu, diseases can all be rebuked and stopped by you. It’s not Satan; it’s your brain. You can say “no!” to pain, to injury and sickness. It will change miraculously as we speak to it. I have many testimonies of my own and others.

As an example of parroting that you might relate to, I was feeling cold fingers that weren’t real for weeks and weeks. It was bothering me. Sometimes they were cold on the outside and sometimes they weren’t cold on the outside but I would feel this coldness in my fingers come and go and I wondered what it meant. Then yesterday all day I felt a vibration in my left arm by my watch but wasn’t really happening. My Fitbit sometimes vibrates as an alarm. So my brain actually learned how to do that like a parrot and started mimicking that feeling to me and making me think my watch was vibrating all day. So our brains are like parrots. A cell phone vibrates in your pocket for weeks and then you start feeling it vibrate even though it’s not really happening. A song gets stuck in your mind and you hear it playing like a record inside your mind. You’re not crazy, you have to train your brain. Talk to your mind and your body. It’s scriptural. Speak to your mountain, like Jesus spoke to the fig tree Mark 11:13-23

Our brains and bodies, like pets have to be trained; we take care of our body like a pet too. But it has almost a mind of its own that needs to be disciplined. Once we understand this then we can start realizing that our bodies are going to tell us things that aren’t correct and we have to tell our bodies what to do. Even injury can be healed in the same way. By His stripes we were healed! Now apply this information and tell your body what to do; not because it is injured or sick but because it’s acting like it!

When we stop thinking we are actually sick we can more easily believe the truth. We are well and able bodied; “body, move!”

Tony Myers has the best revelation on this. Look him up on YouTube!