Convincing Your Heart Of Healing

1 Peter 2:24 “by His wounds, we were healed”

Though God’s word should be enough, our heart requires evidence in order to believe. It wants proof. “How can you say ‘I’m healed’ when your body says otherwise?” Our heart is like a jury that is skeptical. Though I seem to be paralyzed, the truth is, I am actually healed. In order for our hearts to be convinced of healing so that healing power will flow in , it must be fully persuaded beyond mere hope. Faith is full assurance of truth. I will now give you evidentiary support to prove to your heart that I am already healed; and so are you.

First of all, the body does not listen to us until we make it listen. It has a will of its own, like a pet. You must enforce God’s truth upon your body by your God-given authority. Telling your body what to do must be a regular habit in your life. 1Cor 9:27 says “..I subdue my body and make it my slave..” Our body cannot be allowed to call the shots but it must be told what to do. Our minds must be told how to think and our hearts must be convinced of the truth. Our spirit is in charge and God’s Word is the truth.
I was baptized in the Holy Spirit at about 9 or 10 years old, I spoke in tongues shortly afterward. However, tongues is just an evidence of a spiritual truth:  baptism in the Holy Spirit. You can be baptized in the Holy Spirit without evidence. I am not speaking in tongues right now but I am baptized in the Holy Spirit. I’m not doing anything to show that I’m saved every minute of the day but I’m saved. A lawyer or doctor doesn’t look or act like they are lawyers and doctors all the time but they can manifest their professional knowledge at any time upon request.

When you are saved, is there any immediate evidence? Sometimes there is emotional evidence, sometimes there is a change in behavior. Sometimes there is no evidence. If some man sincerely asked God to save him and be his Lord and Savior, would you look to see if there was immediate evidence? Would you see if it “took effect?” Would you peer into his eyes and possibly say, “Nah, it didn’t work. God must not be willing today.” Never. He asked; therefore he received salvation and is born-again. Legalism will cause people to judge by evidence but in fact, people do get born-again, without evidence. It may take time to show evidence. People need their minds renewed. Go-go dancers and drunkards don’t always immediately change their behavior when they become born-again.

If 100 people come forth to get saved, do you get excited because all 100 of them actually received Christ that day?  Of course they all received Christ! They asked, therefore they received. Based on God’s character, they got their salvation. He doesn’t dangle carrots in front of us and not deliver. God gives good things to His people. (James 1:17)

If 100 people come forth to receive baptism in the Holy Spirit, they all get it. They asked for it, therefore they got it. Tongues and other gifts are all deposited into them. Tongues may be manifested and it may not right away; the person is the factor, not God. They need to be convinced that they have it and learn how to use it. It could take hours, days, years. The person may have a hang up mentally, but it’s in there. They’ve got it and need to learn how to activate it.

Now, when people are prayed over for healing, guess what? They all get healed. The evidence may happen immediately;  it may take time. They may need help activating their healing. The first thing to do is realize that we have definitely received our healing. Know that God’s Word is true. If you asked for it, you already have been healed. God delivered your package and you need to open it and learn to activate it. Activation of gifts of the spirit can be learned by others. Mike Connell, Andrew Wommack, Art Thomas and Kevin Dedmon teach activation of many of the gifts of the Spirit such as Word of Knowledge, Tongues, Prophecy, Word of Wisdom and miracles. Practice develops your gifts.

Healing activation is taught by only a few ministries. Mine is going to be one of those ministries. Andrew Wommack Ministries and some others teach “how to receive” yet the point Andrew makes first is “You’ve Already Got It.” This can confuse the heart. I say we’ve got it and need to be taught and convinced. Start activating and manifesting what you already have. Don’t try to receive. Don’t confuse your heart by trying to get what you already have. Convince yourself until it makes sense. You’re healed. Start acting like it, resting in it, knowing it, talking like you know it, enforcing it, commanding your body to agree and comply. Knowing is believing.

Here are some testimonies that help demonstrate activating your healing.

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When your heart is convinced you will feel excited about your healing. Anger toward the sickness or injury is faith. Hope arises. Joy and laughter will abound. When you are not yet convinced, fear, depression, hopelessness and frustration are symptoms. Get convinced. I am healed and now I will be actively activating it. I am healed.