Breaking Passivity

One of the worse things we can become spiritually is passive. To be passive is to be sleepy, drunk, slothful, sitting still, inactive, luke-warm, lazy or drugged. God says He would rather we would be hot or cold, at least He can work with someone passionate about something like Paul who was killing Christians. Paul was hot in the wrong direction and only needed redirection to be useful for God’s Kingdom. But passivity is a limp arm, useless. Spiritually we can be unable to stir up resistance against evil and sickness because we have accepted a condition for a long time. Breaking free from a spiritual stupor is a battle. Satan wants us to be either enslaved to sleep or else sleep-deprived. So many sicknesses cause people to sleep too much; manic-depression, depression, anxiety and stress are a few of them.  It’s good to rest but overdoing it is just deadly for your spirit. How can you be on-guard for your heart if you are passive? The best ways to render someone helpless is to cause them to be high, drunk, or sick, unable to be guarded and thinking straight.

Waiting for healing to happen is a passive way to approach a miracle.  I’ve been learning how to break free from spiritual passivity through some teachings by Mike Connell in New Zealand. His YouTube series on the gifts of the spirit are phenomenal. So I have some new tips on breaking free from passively “waiting” for healing and starting to actively step into healing. So far I find these to be things I wasn’t doing before:

  • Praying in tongues strongly, involving louder voice which I tend to never do. I usually like to be quiet with tongues, not loud. So disciplining myself to be loud with tongues requires me to “overcome the flesh.” Quiet, unnoticeable and still is my norm. I hate noisy, loud and authoritative speech because I don’t like to be noticed. Therefore, I’m going to need a personality change for healing. Strong and excitedly praying in tongues as a habit will change your feeling and bring breakthrough. The flesh and the devil doesn’t like tongues so you have a fight on your hands. Press through and do it often.
  • Involve the body – shake, jump, swing arms, reach out and praise God with your body; this breaks the passive, sleepy, inactive and ineffectiveness of our spirit. The spirit is less active when our body is less active. Stirring up your spirit involves the discipline of the body and soul to follow along. You wouldn’t think that you would be disciplining your flesh by doing something, rather than stopping yourself from doing something. But in my case, my body is paralyzed so I need to become active. Activity is embarrassing to me. Moving my body is not what I’m used to doing. My flesh is used to inactivity these past 30 years. I can move my arms, head and shoulders so I will be doing a lot more of that.
  • Stop negativity – complaining brings the atmosphere down. Show gratitude and praise. Handle correction and reproof quickly and then back to praising and edification of others. Focus on the good in others AND yourself. Cutting yourself down is not helpful or enjoyable for anyone. The atmosphere in your immediate vicinity must be kept free from negative speech. Don’t give place to the devil through words of dissent, strife, fear, hopelessness, grieving, sickness or death

Stirring up your spirit will cause you to overcome the flesh and the devil. Romans 8:2 describes how the spirit overrides the natural laws. The more we stir up our “spirit man,” the more we will break free from natural laws, just like a plane breaks free from gravity by acceleration plus lift. The law of the spirit overrides the laws of the natural realm. I have realized this before and blogged about Romans 8:2; I’ve had recurring dreams about a plane taking off and failing; feeling that God is trying to tell me my healing activation starts and fails over and over. Now Mike Connell explains answers to all the ways we stir up our spirit, thus overcoming the natural. I will be following these instructions!

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