Bible Study In Our Kitchen

We have a Wednesday night Bible study, as many people do, in our kitchen. The unique thing is that it’s a Bible study the whole world can attend. We record it in High Def and edit it with scripture verses easily read on the screen. My husband Mark leads it right now, as his twenty-episode study is his own revelation of the true gospel. Mark developed the study for himself but many have told him it should be shared with whole world. We call it, “Removing The Veil.” The title is perfect bBibleStudy5ecause that is what happens when you join this study. We have collected 150-some verses that absolutely rip the veil off your legalistic mind. It all started when, after I wrote my book “First Wash The Inside;” Mark decided to rid his mind of the wrong beliefs he carried in his heart…condemnation. Renewing our minds must be done delicately yet forcefully. We renew the mind with the word and this renews our subconscious beliefs in our hearts. The “heart surgery” necessary is accomplished with scalpels of verses in God’s Word specific to your issues. Mark found a collection of verses that absolutely blew his mind which addressed his self-condemnation. It was amazing to find out how many verses are written that tell us weBibleStudy are accepted by God and sin-free because of Jesus, not by our own effort. Careful study of verse- after-verse on the same subject does something; it removes a veil. What you couldn’t see before, you begin to see.

One verse can be explained away. Two or even ten can be argued. But Mark found that while sitting down with people and looking at each verse, miraculous changes took place. By the time Mark hit 15 or 20 verses that say we have been given God’s perfection at the time of salvation, people were getting quite emotional. Some cried, some laughed and some got angry but heBibleStudy4art strings always moved through this study! The veil gets lifted off the heart and people get challenged, changed and set free. Deliverance occurs as the eyes of their hearts are opened. This happened so many times, we decided to record it as a Bible study and it’s awesome. You may need some of these studies to be played over and over. Look up the verses and follow along. Legalistic thinking will not stand up to all of these studies on God’s Grace.

Start the study —-> Removing The Veil


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