Become A Fighter

I’ve been meditating on the success of several healing-by-faith teachers and I found a common denominator. I’ll talk about three people I know of today that are successful in faith more than most. Andrew Wommack, Curry Blake and a friend of ours, named Mark. (not my husband Mark) These three have been fighters before they were moving in faith. Andrew Wommack [of Andrew Wommack Ministries] is a full-fledged Vietnam veteran who fought in the most ferocious battles as any there were. He was trained in the U.S. Army as a young man, while his family worried sick about him. He could have been saved from the draft because his father passed away at Andrew’s tender age of 12 which gave Andrew an optional free college advantage. He was in college when God called him out, Andrew says, and when he dropped out, Andrew was drafted so fast into the war, he made his mother’s head spin and her heart break. But that’s where Andrew ended up having hours of time alone with God where he re-learned the Bible and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. He learned by himself, reading the Bible he claims, sixteen hours a day sometimes while staying put in his bunkhouse on weekends or on some guard duty. Andrew went in as a strict Baptist and came out a spirit-filled, tongue-talkin, charismatic believer. Andrew had learned to fight in Vietnam and that’s where he got his “grit” to fight the enemy. Satan, our enemy, is here to steal, kill and destroy us if we let him and sickness is one way he uses to attack. The ingredient most necessary in faith is the fighting force to resist the enemy. Since he was raised as a Baptist, I believe Andrew got that fighting attitude in the Army. This is key to faith.
Curry Blake of John G. Lake Ministries practiced martial arts for years before he became a Christian. He renounces the practice of martial arts now and warns against it for any Christian, however, he did become a fighter during that time. He is very serious about faith and healing and his results are too. Both Andrew Wommack and Curry Blake have each raised one of their own children from death at some point, as well as many other people afterward. They are fighters. God raises warriors for His Kingdom, you know.

“We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the principalities, against powers, against the rulers of this dark world; against spiritual wickedness in high places” Eph 6:12

“…the Kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent shall take it by force” Matt 11:12

Healing is a spiritual battle. We are like police officers enforcing the Kingdom of Wellness in others and in ourselves. Our friend Mark was a fighter as a kid; very tough, angry and mean with no fear of enemies. He knew how to fight and even provoked them. When he became a born-again, spirit-filled Christian by watching Andrew Wommack Ministries, God softened his heart but not his will to fight. Mark had grit built in already and healing for him is instant much of the time! His amazing ability to force the issue with healing until it manifests seems to be for him a natural challenge that he rises to in faith.

I think most of us Christians have never fought in our lives. Passiveness is killing us. Persistence, resistance and confidence are ingredients of faith. Developing our faith happens when we become confident in the fact that we can see results. Success is the way we become confident. How do we succeed? By not giving up. Keep applying faith to everything in your life that needs to change. You will see results if you keep hammering away with the Word. Speak wellness over yourself and others. Speak to problems “pain, leave!” “legs, move!” Force the issue by confidence in God’s Word and rejoice in every breakthrough. Testimonies help you believe. Watch testimonies of successful healing and practice your faith on everything that moves.

With our faith we have changed the  weather multiple times, easier than healing some colds; I have removed a mole completely in two weeks, reversed paralysis in my mother  ; a macular hole in my brother’s eye was improved to before surgery was necessary and his doctor canceled it; whatever your level, keep feeding and exercising your faith and you will believe and receive.

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  1. Amen to that! …like when it comes to cancer – one of us is going to die! Jesus has already given me the victory – so I fight from that position – in His authority, and I declare that all cancer cells die in Jesus’ name! I won’t take it!

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