Annoyed By Illness Ads of Life

I was playing a game on my phone that had the most obnoxious commercials. It’s an addictive game, as most games are, and you can avoid the commercials if you pay a small fee. I was so annoyed by the commercials, yet I waited months to get the full version. Finally I decided to pay the $3 because I had no intention to stop playing the game so I wanted to get rid of the annoying ads. As I began to purchase the upgrade, I saw a notice pop up. “You’ve already purchased this. Would you like it now? Free?”

Really. You know the feeling when you could have enjoyed something a long time ago but didn’t because you didn’t know you could? Yeah, that happy-but-annoyed feeling was all over me. The next thought I realized was that this was a spiritual concept too. It was like Jesus was tapping me on the shoulder saying “does that remind you of anything?” I said “yeah I know.” I knew right away that this was similar to the situation I’m in, where healing has already been paid. God says to us every day “It’s already been paid. Would you like to download your healing now? Free? Quit trying to pay for something that’s been paid! It’s free!”

We live with annoying sickness, pain and infirmity ads popping up in our lives that have already been removed. We tolerate colds, injuries and pain unnecessarily. We often try to receive healing by paying for it with our own obedience to God but we can’t. It’s already paid. So God says stop living life with the annoyance of infirmity, sickness, poverty, mental illnesses, depression, or anxiety. Don’t put up with it. Quit living without the gifts of the Holy Spirit because you think that you don’t have access to them. It’s all free. We receive them just like salvation; by grace. By believing and saying yes, please we receive everything by faith. Downloading anything from God is easy-peasy. Knowing you have it is 90% of the battle.

Healing is available. Yes I’ll take my healing now, free.

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