American Unbelief – How Medical Knowledge Handicaps Our Faith

If you are a Christian who is ill in any way or you have a malady or disability, you are struggling with unbelief to some degree; to be politically correct, you are faith-challenged. I am too. Unbelief is not an absence of faith, it’s divided faith. For instance if you believe health is achieved by physical, nutritional methods, you have faith in that. If you believe doctors and medicine have the answers to health, you have faith in them. If you believe in zen or yoga or many other sources, you have faith in those things. So going to church elders for a prayer team to receive your healing when your faith is not in God’s Word will certainly divide your faith connection. If your eye (focus) is single you will get full power. If your focus is divided, you will get a weaker connection. Matt 6:22

“For we walk by faith not by sight” faith is not about what we see, hear, taste, smell or feel; it’s believing there is a reality in the spirit realm which dictates the natural realm.

The majority of American-Christian believers fail to see the miraculous on a daily basis or ever even though we are commissioned by our Commander Jesus to “heal the sick and raise the dead.”The church as a whole has failed to demonstrate the fullness of the Gospel since the death of the apostles and disciples. We don’t even understand that God wants us “always to be in health.” Those who were tortured had a choice; “not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection” Hebrews 11:35

Americans often ask why we don’t see the kind of miracles that foreign countries see in the most destitute areas of the world. Is it because they need more miracles than we? Absolutely not. Is it because we are more sinful? Hogwash! We are the righteousness of God in Christ due to our new inheritance in Christ. We could potentially walk in the supernatural every day. The blessings are available to us; immunity from diseases is already ours. We are vaccinated by the blood of Jesus. We are exempt from tragedy, blessed financially and divine health lives in us. (Psalm 119) So how is Satan stealing our blessing? How has he distracted our faith and watered down our ability to believe that we are supernatural ? The average American-Christian highly esteems medical knowledge. And why not? It’s all that we have been able to rely on to stay well for our whole lifetime. Sad! We look back at the disciples and wonder what they had that we don’t have? Nothing! We have all they had and more! The question is what are we believing in other than Christ for healing?? Medical knowledge is the thorn in our faith that America can’t live without. Medical knowledge is intriguing us, mesmerizing us, seducing us. We all have it, we teach it to our children and speak of it as gospel. Science has become a god. I think it would serve as a great faith boost if our health care system would just fail altogether.

I find that the more I lose faith in the medical field, the more I can use my faith successfully. You can live within the limitations of the 5 senses but you will eventually suffer and die for lack of the knowledge of God’s Kingdom which is upon us waiting to be used.

The cancer walks, to find a cure ­čÖä. Sad! Jesus is our double cure! Jesus gave His blood for our cure but the church agrees “there’s no cure” and looks to science to provide healing. It’s insulting! It’s like Jesus never died and rose! It’s no different than going back to the law and rejecting grace.

How can we change? Feed yourself belief in how faith works. Listen to teaching on how to operate in miracles. Learn by listening to healing schools and testimonies. Living in divine health is easy when you stop believing in natural things. 2. Stop feeding yourself medical knowledge. TV shows about doctors and internet Web MD are filling minds with natural thinking and death. Deprive your mind of natural thinking and operate in faith of God’s word daily.

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Document any miracles. Start a journal of your faith victories.