Applying God’s Promises

In reading God’s promises like Psalm 91, for example, we usually compare what God promises with our past and judge Him by what we’ve seen so far. This is incorrect. Let God’s Word be true in your heart and everything else be a lie. (Romans 3:4) There is no time limit for God. Past and future are the same as the present. Whatever God speaks,  it is now. His speaking in past tense applies to the future. Prophecies are often spoken in past tense as if they’ve already happened. Whatever God says He has given us is already ours now. “I have given you the land flowing with milk and honey” means consider it yours, go get it. Therefore if anything in our experience or past seems to contradict God’s Word, apply the truth in God’s promises to your present to delete your incorrect past and it manifests to make your present and future look like the truth God promised. Confused? Here’s my example: 

In 1985 I had an accident causing a spinal cord injury. First of all, I didn’t know God’s promises back then. You can’t stand and apply promises to your problem if you don’t know you have a contract. So from the point you know you have promises, that is when you can apply them to start believing. Believe you are exempt from curses and quote the Promises when things happen. That’s how we resist the violations of the enemy in our life. 

My heart could argue “but God’s a liar because I did dash my foot against a stone and more!” I argue back, applying God’s Word to my life; I believe His Word is true, therefore I can say out loud: no evil has befallen me. Neither has any plague come nigh me. He gave His angels charge over me to keep me in all my ways. He bore me up lest I dash my foot against a stone. Thank you God that you never left me nor forsook me. Applying His promises by saying them and believing they apply to you will affect your life going forward and wipe out any unpleasant past as if it never happened. This is a whole new level of entering the miraculous. This is a spiritual truth that allows us to believe God’s Word and take those promises quickly. He wants us to understand that time is not a factor in the spirit realm and we can take this to the physical realm!

When our heart is deceived, the truth sounds like a lie. Just as God redeems us to salvation so perfectly, it’s like we never sinned, so He also heals us as if nothing ever happened. Therefore it is appropriate to thank Him for His promises that no plague has come nigh us ever! Speaking and believing these promises is a key to manifesting the truth that erases the past,  “as if the accident never happened. ”