What Is Worthily and Unworthily 


Most people think that to take the Lord’s Supper “unworthily” means to be in sin or to take it disrespectfully and that’s correct, except that we have it backwards. The way we take the bread and wine unworthily is about not considering yourself as washed by the blood. If you focus on your unworthiness (as some religions teach you to do) then you are not considering that Jesus made you clean, washed, worthy in Christ. The Last Supper communion practice is a way to remind yourself and consider that you were washed by the Blood of Jesus. When you meditate on that fact, you realize that you were made worthy! ­čś│ Therefore if you discern yourself as worthy by Jesus, you must be un-cursed and free from all diseases, infirmities and evil practices.

If you don’t judge yourself as worthy based on Jesus, you will be judged with the world! Judge yourself as clean after you are born again, you’re clean in Christ.

Let’s remind ourselves on this day, Good Friday and every day, that Jesus went to the cross to make us clean and healed, by believing in His grace-filled act of love on the cross. Resurrection sealed the deal, defeating death in all forms.

Don’t take the Lord’s table “unworthily ” anymore. When we focus on or think of ourselves as unworthy we bring judgment and curses on ourselves.

This is why many are weak and sick among you. And some have died.

We who are sick are not judging ourselves as well. Let’s start judging ourselves correctly as worthy and healed today.