The Good News

Imagine going to a hospital where the doctor always walks in with good news. “So the good news is that even though you have symptoms of such and such, Jesus already cured that. He took all curses on himself and conquered sin and death so you won’t have to deal with this very long. Simply believe what I’m saying and you will get well quickly. You got sick by listening to toxic thoughts from people and Satan is badgering you about failures. These lies crept in to your subconscious and caused a symptomatic response through fear and moments of unbelief. Hanging around natural believers will often affect us this way. You slowed down on drinking God’s Word and dehydrated your faith.”

“Take the word of God as medicine all day. Remind yourself that you are a child of the most high God and you are redeemed from the curse as it says in Galatians 3:13. Make sure to laugh a lot as Proverbs 17:22 tells us and meditate on things that are lovely, truthful, pure, and of good report as Philippians 4:8 says. Also forgive anyone with whom you hold a grudge as Mark 11:25 says. I’m writing these verses down as your prescription. A nurse will come in often and have you repeat these and other verses as healing unto all your flesh. We will provide many sources of laughter here and constantly feed you God’s word all day long through your eyes and ears. It won’t hurt. You should be feeling better shortly and all these symptoms will leave. Your faith will make you well. Nobody is really sick. It’s all a lie and your body responds to what you say. Just say “I’m getting better” all day. Now you’re here and I’m telling you the truth so you just believe me and tell your body. Your body will listen to your voice. You will only be allowed visitors that agree with the truth. We will stop them at the door and interview them. Anyone who doesn’t agree with the truth will be turned away until you’re feeling better.” 

“You will recover as quickly as you can believe the truth again. We will provide as much truth as possible and you will be acting well in therapy. The more you act on your faith the faster your true wellness manifests.”

This is what we need in our hospitals and I pray that we will see this come to pass. In the meantime choose you this day whom you will believe. Our bodies will obey us. We shall believe the report of the Lord!