Tweeting Healing

My circle of Christian friends is a group that operates in crazy faith. Scary faith! And there is coming to time and now is, where we must be in close contact with those in the faith. Sharing our testimonies on Sundays and Wednesdays is not enough. The Lord is saying: begin using your faith hourly, miracles are becoming a way of life. Miracles are merely living in the supernatural rather than the natural. The spiritual realm is true and real. It trumps the natural and causes it to change.The faster we use our faith, the greater things we will see happening. And the faster the church will grow in these end times.  So God has led me to set up a Twitter account. I don’t know anything about Twitter but testimonies need to be tweeted. So I have started an account and Twitter called “Faith Tweeter” I have zero followers! LOL Im doing this in faith and I believe we are going to have a network of testimonies minute by minute, tweeting our faith. We need faith tweeters! Miracles are happening daily and we need to share our faith with one another. You can join me in faith by becoming a faith tweeter today. 🙏🏻🙌🏻🤗

If you want to tweet daily faith testimonies, start by using your faith to ask God to help you learn how! God wants to help us learn new things and challenges us to reach new levels. You can do it! Download a Twitter app and start your account. How to set up a Twitter account.

Let’s tweet our faith moves! Healing, raising the dead, our finances, casting out demons, weather changes!  Tweet your faith and follow me to get my tweets. 😬