Thinking Supernaturally

When you first start learning anything such as a language, you have to interpret every thought from your own first language into the language you are learning before you speak it.  This continues until one day you actually start thinking in that second language.  That’s when you know you have accomplished learning the language to the point of fluency.  The language has been learned “by heart.”  Until that happens, the language that you are learning is merely in your head.  If you begin life in English at first and later learn Spanish, the process takes time before you can actually think in Spanish.  You may never actually think in Spanish if you don’t keep practicing.  I believe faith works the same way.  When you learn to use your faith biblically, you must start thinking supernaturally.  If you never actually accomplish thinking supernaturally, your faith will be limited to spurts of the miraculous; you will get results here and there, but not consistently.

I’ve noticed that our results are sporadic and I see us waver back and forth like waves of the sea driven by the wind and tossed. “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.  Let not that man expect to receive anything from the Lord.” One moment we have the ability to believe and the next we’re back in the natural.  Are you one foot in and one foot out of faith?  We are surrounded by the natural way of thinking.  Our friends and family, television commercials, the news, movies, the medical community, all day at work and brain.jpgschool, everything we hear usually focuses on the natural.  Christian or non-Christian, we usually think and speak in the natural and jump into the supernatural once in a while if at all.  You’re very blessed if you do have a church that believes that supernatural miracles are possible and even more blessed if the people that go to that church are operating in miracles and signs and wonders.  Ministries that believe and see results are rare but when you find one you need to feed on this kind of thinking all day every day if you want to see miracles happen frequently.  You cannot speak English all day every day and then expect to jump into Spanish when you need to once in a while.  If all your emergencies require Spanish, then you need to live where people speak Spanish all day, so that you can think in Spanish.  If we want to live in the miraculous, we must practice it, think it, speak it, live it.  If you want to know why your faith fails, it’s because you’re not using it enough.  You can’t be ready for the big game and expect to win if you haven’t practiced and practiced often.  Every day there’s an opportunity to use  your faith and you must think that way.  Your relationship with God should be “Lord, what shall we do together today?”  Or “what should I use my faith for today?”  Praying for the sick is only a small part of using your faith.  We are sons of God dominating the earth, therefore we change the weather, we cast out demons, we take authority over spiritual dark forces, we pray all day long because what we say happens and matters.  We talk to animals and they are subject to us, we talk to our bodies and they are subject to us, we talk to circumstances, we change the atmosphere everywhere we go.  We speak life, we bless, we carry peace to others and we do not fear.  We are the head and not the tail;  we are above and not beneath, we lend and not borrow, we are blessed and highly favored, we are sons of the most high God. We raise the dead, cleanse lepers and move mountains with our words. We are the “whosoever” in Mark 11:23, “whosoever shall say unto this mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea…he shall have whatsoever he saith.”