Depression, Who Are You?

“Depression is like a friend I have to hang out with every so often” says Patton Oswalt.

It’s absolutely unacceptable that so many people are haunted by depression, especially comedians of all people! And suicidal depression to boot! I have had as much opportunity to embrace depression as anybody else. The reason I’m not?  Depression is my enemy, not my friend. I know who depression is and it’s a demon. Grief, pity, fear, anxiety, depression, suicide, alcoholism, addiction, embarrassment, shame, laziness, witchcraft to name just a few, are spirits that we can feel. I’m blowing the whistle and shouting from the roof! Wake up world! These demons will cripple you emotionally and kill you if you allow them to do so!

I could give you my sad stories and experiences but I don’t enjoy them. I could list my tragic experiences as Paul did. I was disabled and wheelchair bound three days after my wedding at 19 years old. I lived with an alcoholic for ten years, I’ve been cheated on, divorced and neglected…while married as a Christian couple! I’ve been heart broken, verbally abused, lied to and humiliated.  I’ve had my emotional downs through these but like falling, I was able to get up because I do not accept emotional crippling, in Jesus’ Name! I don’t believe in sheer will power either. I believe in my authority over demons. God gives us authority and once you know it you can use it. Without God and the knowledge of your power in Christ, you are subject to all the wiles of Satan and his cohorts of darkness. Depression is a cohort of darkness.

The sad story of Robin Williams’ suicide is as I say,  unacceptable and an unnecessary loss. Depression is real, so real it’s an entity, a person and he’s not your buddy. Recognizing this can help you resist depression instead of embrace him. Don’t shake his hand and hang out. Tell him to leave, get out and don’t come back! Just as uplifting music can pep you up, sad songs can invite that depression in. Whatever invites the feeling in, you must talk to it and tell it to leave.  Watch what happens when you are not prepared to fight:

Patton Oswalt has every reason in this world to be happy yet depression still visits him like an annoying friend. He’s exactly right. But depression is an annoying old friend with whom you need to break up. Stop dating depression and break the relationship. It’s a familiar feeling, a familiar spirit who would like to snuggle up on the couch with you and cry you to sleep. Tell him you’re not interested. Do the opposite of what you feel. The feeling will leave when you resist. The same goes for grief, anxiety and the rest. Don’t entertain yourself with sadness, fear or thoughts of suicide. Don’t listen to voices telling you that you deserve a day in bed. Turn on happy music, lift the shades and dance! Exercise! Get endorphins flowing. Laugh, laugh and laugh again. Find ways to keep laughing. Do not use negativity in your humor. Criticism and cut downs are not funny in a healing way. Those laughs are icky humiliating laughs. Make sure you focus on things that are true, lovely, pure, innocent, good reports. (Phil 4:8)

*Now those tragedies I mentioned are just half of my story. As a child of God, I had authority over my circumstances and have much more victory and blessings than defeat! I have 5 healthy children! I’m remarried! (even with the children and disability) I have 2 step-daughters, 6 grandchildren and so many blessings I provoke people to jealousy. Healing is coming too!

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