Dear Joseph Prince Ministries

Dear Joseph Prince Ministries
I’m writing to tell you my story thus far. Although I have been wheelchair bound these past thirty years (1985) I am not yet writingAuthor about my expected testimony of healing. I’m writing because of the journey I am on, not only of healing but one from legalism to grace. My story is so typical yet my revelation of grace so radical. I’ve never been one suffering from condemnation and sin consciousness, however, the guilt of not being able to receive or grab ahold of my miracle does haunt me. There’s guilt in knowing God wants me walking yet not understanding the lie that paralyzes me from within my heart. Learning to relax seems to be an issue with me; resting and relaxing in the arms of Jesus will, I’m sure be a part of receiving the miracle I need from a spinal cord injury.
Book_CoverI’ve published a book which describes my story. The revelations I wrote in it are so far out, so helpful for addicts, so full of tools for deliverance I am waiting for it to explode into prison ministry, rehabilitation centers and counseling. I’ve truly felt that grace is so big and so freeing yet most ministries do not understand how to use it to help people. However,Joseph Prince has been teaching at the level of grace my book describes. I feel it is too much grace for most people. One chapter that blows everyone’s mind is called “Sin Is Not An Action.” EPSON MFP imageThere are chapters which re-explain the legalistic views on head coverings, divorce and remarriage. I wrote it as self help for myself and for others. Writing it was therapeutic for me. Pastor Prince has said things that make me believe he would cheer me on. I’m cheering him on from my hoEPSON MFP imageuse as he delivers the gospel like no other. I’ve thought of sending my book to other ministries but nobody else has a grace revelation like mine until I started hearing Pastor Prince this year. We are truly one in Christ and the Spirit wants this message out there. I even have written about food being spiritual and not to be caught up in the bondage of nutrition as a source of health. I’ve heard Pastor Prince speak on food as well and I laughed and shouted in agreement, saying “Hear! Hear!” We often quote him at meals saying, “Just sanctify it in Jesus’ Name and EAT IT!” Amen!
I want to send him my book if by some act of God, Pastor Prince would be led to read it. It would be faster for someone to download an Ebook of it, from Amazon. It’s called “First Wash The Inside” by Lynne Suszek. Thank you for your bold teachings. God is excited for the true Gospel of freedom in Christ to be understood.

May Our Paths Cross Soon,
Lynne Suszek